Monday, March 23, 2009

Dylan's 2 New Favorite Things To Say

"Oh man" & "I know"
So basically when something goes wrong he says "Oh man!" And when I tell him something, or try to help him with something he says "I know." Call me crazy but I thought 'I know" didn't start for at least a couple more years. LOL. He is so funny! Each day is filled with a new surprize.
I love it!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pointing His Finger at The Innocent

The other night Dylan and I got home from dinner and shopping with my Mom. We got our PJ's on ready to wind down a little before going to bed. All of a sudden I heard my Little Stinker pass gas...and it was rather loud. As soon as he did this he looked at me with this shocked look and said "MA-MA" I said "What? That wasn't Mama, that was you!" He smiled, pointed at me, and started shaking his finger(like shame on you) and said "Ma-Ma" again. I couldn't believe my Sweet Little Boy was trying to blame me for this. I am so glad we were at home alone LOL. I guess I should prepare myself for this to happen when we are out in public. I will be quicker to place the blame I guess...hahaha!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Helping Grandma

Dylan always wants to help Grandma do the chores when she gets home from work. He loves to sweep the floor(and of course he does a great job) :) One of his favorite things to do is help Grandma feed the cats. They have to get the Tupperware canister filled with cat food out of the cupboard and bring it in the bathroom where the cats bowls are. Grandma lets Dylan scoop the food out of the canister into the bowls and also fill up their water dishes. One day when they were done Dylan released a big sigh of relief while brushing his hands uf dah, that was hard work & now I am done. Of course he got a big laugh out of Grandma and one from Mommy after Grandma told me the story. It really makes you stop to think about the actions that we must do and not really realize it until we are copied by our Little Learning Sponge.

Father Wind

Last night was so cold and so so windy. You could hear the wind howling outside our sliding doors. Dylan was very curious about the noises that we were hearing. Daddy told Dylan it was Father Wind outside and showed him how to blow wind like Father Wind was doing. Dylan walked over to the rocking chair next to the sliding doors, leaned on the chair and looked outside. He placed his finger on his lip and started tapping it while saying Hmmmm? He was really trying to figure this out. It was so cute. Heath and I are just amazed at his enquiring mind. He does watch a lot of different TV programs, all of which are pretty educational. Most of the time I think he learns these funny little actions from them, I am just surprized that he uses them properly.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Potty Training

Dylan really has the understanding of how this all works. He regularly goes pee on the potty and he is even dry through the night. He gets up and goes in the potty chair first thing in the morning. What a Big Boy!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grandma & Dylan reading

Grandma Wytaske was reading Dylan his Thomas book the other day. She has to make up her own story to keep up with the speedy page turner that Dylan is. As she reads to him he likes her to point with his finger at the different engines and say their names. Grandma came across an engine and apparently said the wrong name. Dylan look at her and said uh huh. So Grandma just continued and told him see didn't know the name. Maybe Mama does? So I got up and looked. That is Toby I said. Dylan shook his head yes and they continued on. A couple pages later they came across 2 green engines. Grandma knew that Percy was a green engine but she did not know the name of any other green engine. So once again they asked Mama. I couldn't think of another green engine either. Dylan kept saying Heeen, Heeen. Then it struck me....the other green engine is Henry. Good job Dylan!!!!