Monday, September 26, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye

Dylan and I were playing I Spy With My Little Eye last night at home.  Heath was laying on the couch watching football and KBug was moving from person to person giggling.   Dylan:  "I spy with my little eye a grumpy old man."  Of course I busted out laughing as I was looking over to the couch and said "I spotted it"  It took Daddy a minute to realize that he was the grumpy old man.   A while longer into the game.  Dylan:  "I spy with my little eye a beautiful Mommy."   I said "WHERE"  Dylan started giggling and said "YOU Mommy"  and gave me a big smoochie woochie kins.  I have to say I really enjoy this game. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Day -2nd Yr Preschool

Ready for his first day back

First time riding the bus (AMCAT)

Getting his name tag

Picked out his seat and ready to go

Bye Mom, Bye Keenan! Big smiles

Getting off the bus at the YMCA

The cool CaptainAmerica backpack he picked out

Dylan was super excited to go back to school. He really thought riding a bus (AMCAT) was going to be fun. He loves both.
He picked out his new packback (Captain America) which he is really into superheroes right now; notice the shirt as well. He is so grown up, and still a well behaved wonderful, FUNNY little/big boy. I wish I could bottle him up.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I Have Had Enough

Keenan had his one year well baby check up on Sept 7; Dylan came to the appointment with us.  I decided to have the blood work done with Keenan that I decided against with Dylan.  I thought since we just bought a home that was dated back to the 50's that the lead test was a good idea.  As we were in the lab Dylan informed the nurses that they better not hurt his baby brother.  I didn't realize how bad this was really going to be.  I had to lay on KBug's left arm and place my leg on his legs pinning him down (which made him mad instantly) while the nurses began to draw blood.  Of course KBug started freaking out.  Dylan was in back of us sitting on a chair.  The next thing I hear "ALRIGHT I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!" shouted Dylan.  I turned around and he was standing up on the chair and he was angry.  I had to smile.  It was that sweet sibling moment of togetherness.  Then we made our way to the doctors office.  Dylan was just fine in the office until the two nurses came in the room together at the end of the appointment, shot time.  Dylan looked at the two nurses and said  "I'm watching you and you better not hurt him." 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Postcard From Grma Jean

Dylan loves mail & boy this made his day. He misses Grma so much.