Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mommy's Karate Trophy

Tonight Grandma Jean decided to give Dylan my karate trophy that he enjoys looking at when he is at their house. He looked very pleased "Since she's not a little girl anymore this can be mine?" Dylan questioned. Of course Grandma assured him yes he could take it home and should put it on his dresser. "I will put it in a special place." He said. I am very curious to find out where that will be. Dylan really enjoys hearing stories about Mommy and Daddy when we were younger and I think this trophy reminds Dylan that mommy was little once just like him. Of course Dylan is a lot different than most kids, or at least from what I remember of me when I was younger. I always thought adults, any adults were old. Dylan on the other hand doesn't think anyone is old, not even his Great Grandparents...... with the exception of Grandpa David and Grandpa Howie. He does tell them that they are old, but I think that is all in teasing fun.