Monday, May 23, 2011

The Wedding

I was in my friend Tiffany's wedding May 7.  Heath and Dylan came to the wedding.  I didn't see where they were sitting when I walked down the isle but noticed them when I was standing in front of the church.  Dylan had a big smile on his face and was waving to me.  Apparently during most of the wedding Dylan was asking his Dad "When are you going to marry my Mom, Dad?"  and you know how quiet kids are.  Heath kept telling him they would talk about it later.  After the wedding as I was coming back down the isle the look on Dylan's face as he glanced back and forth from me to Bernie(groomsmen) I could tell that Dylan was confused and some what frightened as to what just happened.  Bernie noticed as well so when Dylan and Heath came out of the church Bernie said Hi to Dylan; Dylan growled at him.  Later at the reception Dylan and I were dancing and having a wonderful time.  He did the chicken dance and the hokie pokie.  SO CUTE!  And spend most of his time there chasing girls.  While the father daughter dance was happening Dylan was sitting on my lap watching "Mommy, why did you walk down the isle with that other guy?"  Dylan asked.  "That is Bernie honey, Ava's daddy." I said.  "But why did you walk down the isle with him?" Dylan asked again.  "Well why honey. Why do you ask? I asked back.  "Because I was so embarrassed." Dylan replied with such a face.  I tell you this kid of ours is something else.  Cracks me up.  Not soon after he came up to me and said he was ready to go.  "I am having a lot of fun Mom, but these girls are just to fast!"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Uncle Chris, Meet My Baby Brother

Grandma Bobbie, Dylan and KBug took a walk to the cemetery to water Chris's flowers.  As they were walking up to Chris's headstone Dylan said "Hi Uncle Chris. You don't know this little guy yet, but this is my baby brother Keenan."   Awwwww
Dylan has always enjoyed going to visit his Uncle Chris; actually this is usually a must whenever he is out cruising the streets of Rose Creek.   I tell you the first time that little one year old bend down and kissed his Uncle's picture and said Unc Cissss; definitely a breath taking moment. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011