Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grandma's Sink Is Great

  After Dylan's bath today he informed me that my sink is stupid and Grandma's sink is great.  Yes Dylan still takes a bath in the sink.  This is what he likes and whatever makes bath time easier works for me.  Not to mention my back likes it too.  I asked him why and he rambled on about it and basically just told me that is what he thought and that is how it is.  I did remind him that we don't use the word stupid and he just said "Oh ya I forgot" with a bat of his eyes and a sweet little smile. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Is Ruining The Leaves

Today when Dylan and I stepped outside the wind was blowing and leaves were flying off the trees. Dylan looked up, and then down at the leave filled ground and said "Oh no the leaves are ruined. Fall is ruining the leaves." He is just the funniest little guy ever!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Go Diego, Go

Yesterday Dylan wanted to pretend play that we were rescuing animals like Go Diego, Go.  Of course he was Diego and I was Alicia, Diego's sister.  We rescued a Panther, a Dolphin, a baby Seal, a Crocodile, and a few other animals.   We jumped over waterfalls, swam in rivers, climbed mountains, soared across the sky in our gliders.  I enjoyed listening to Dylan come up with different scenarios for our rescue; he has a very creative imagination.  Dylan kept telling me to say "Good Job Diego, Good Job."  Of course after a couple times of him telling me this I caught on that he enjoyed being called Diego.  Dylan and I were right in the middle of rescuing another animal when we both heard a noise at the door.  Dylan went running to the door.  Of course we both new it was Daddy, but without missing a beat, Dylan opened the door and said "I am glad you came over Dora"  I couldn't hold back I was laughing so hard.  So for the last 24 hrs Mommy has been Alicia, Dylan has been Diego and Daddy has been Dora.  I am guessing Daddy doesn't want this game to stick.  LOL!!!  Daddy asked if he could be Boots, but Dylan said "No you are Dora."  =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Snow! Cool!

When Dylan noticed the snow falling outside he ran to the patio door "SNOW! COOL!!" he shouted.  "You like the snow?" I asked.  "YEAH! Can we go outside?" he quickly replied.  When we got outside Dylan was all giggles and smiles,  running around sticking his hands in the snow and trying to catch snow flakes on his tongue.  We had our first snow ball fight, which Dylan definitely loved.  I have a feeling that Mommy is going to get pegged with a lot of snow balls this year since I now have two boys who love to throw snow balls at me =)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Say Yes Bunny

Dylan and Grandma Jean went to the nursing home this Sunday.  Dylan wanted to take Bunny along so they had to strap him into the seat belt.  After Grandma strapped Bunny in Dylan said "Now you will be safe Bunny; don't be scared."  Then Dylan asked, "Bunny do you want to go see the Old Folks at the Nursing Home?" Then he said "Say yes bunny."  Of course Grandma cracked up.  Dylan is such a funny little guy and he is always all about safety!!!