Friday, August 26, 2011

I Will Show Her All My Moves

Dylan and I were talking about LOVE.  I told him that Mommy loves him more than anything in the whole world and the love Mommy has for him and Keenan is greater than all.  He said he thinks that his wife will love him more or as much as I do.  I agreed that his wife could maybe love him as much as I do but it is also a different kind of love and that sometimes a girlfriend/wife and boyfriend/husband can fall out of love with each other,  and that would never happen with him and Mommy.  He said "I will never let my wife fall out of love with me.  We will love each other forever.  I will show her all my moves."  I just cant believe some of the things that come out of my little mans mouth.  I laughed of course and said I don't doubt that one bit honey.  You are and will be a great person forever and I am sure the girl that you meet is going to be almost as wonderful as you are.  He smiled and drifted off as if he was dreaming about his future.  Gosh I love this kid so much.  Everyday is a new adventure with Dylan and you never know what he will surprise you with next.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Did He Check Your Blood Pressure

Yesterday while waiting in the check out line at Toys R Us Dylan struck up a conversation with the woman in back of us.(Imagine that)   She was wearing a wrist brace so of course Dylan was inquiring.  He asked what happened.  She said that she fell.  Of course he wanted to know where.  She was giving him the details and told him that she had to go to the doctor.  Dylan than asked did he check your blood pressure.  Of course not knowing Dylan this woman was surprised by the question from such a young boy and chuckled answering why yes...yes he did.  Dylan kind of tilted his head side ways, a gesture of concern." And how was it?"  This blew her away I think.  Answered with a laugh that it was good and began to ask my mom and I questions about Dylan; age being the first.  She said well this is definitely going on my facebook tonight. 

Do You Pick Your Own Wife?

Dylan asked Grandma Jean if people picked their own wife.  Grandma asked what do you mean?  He said he was wondering if he was able to pick his own wife.  Grandma Jean began to explain the dating process and that if he found someone that he really liked that he could than ask her to marry him and have children if that is what he wanted.  His faced proved he was satisfied with the response and he replied "Oh good, because I really like Brylee." 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is Someone In Timeout?

Brotherly Love


A Bite In My Sandal

There is a notch out of one of my sandals because I have wore them out.  Dylan asked me what it was from.  I told him that crocodile bit if off.  He asked what crocodile and where?  I told him it is was the one in the pond at the fair.  He thought about it for awhile and replied "If a crocodile did it the bite would be more square; I think it was a squirrel or a chipmunk."  I swear he has a answer for everything.  He is a thinker.