Monday, August 31, 2009

Monsters, Caves & Big Dee

Last night Dylan woke up in his crib crying.  He said there were monsters after him.  I assured him that he was having a dream, placed him in our bed and cuddled up to him.  He grabbed my hand placing it around his face/neck and told me not to move it.  He really wanted me to hold him tight!  I woke up way past our normal rising so I was in a rush this morning.  I went downstairs to get ready leaving Dylan in our bed.  A few minutes later I could hear Dylan hollering for me "Mommy! Mommy, where the heck are  you?"  I went rushing up the stairs.  Of course I got a big smile when he saw me and a very serious look when I asked him about his dream.  He starting telling me about the monsters and then he said he was in a cave with Big Dee.  Apparently they were running from a lot of monsters in a cave because when I asked him again about the monster....he said " one, A LOT of monsters."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Don't Want The Lesson Eber

Dylan is constantly playing by or with the TV and Heath and I are always telling him to move away from it.   Monday morning I was getting ready for work and I tried telling Dylan to move away from the TV a couple different times before I finally had to walk over and move him away.  His arms went crossed, his chin went up, he squinted his eyes, huffed a little and said "No, and I don't want the lesson eber!"  I couldn't help but laugh.  Does he really know that there is a reason why mommy and daddy don't want him to do certain things.  And at 28 mos are we already boring him with I am only doing this for your own good stories or what =)  What will he come up with next?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Like A BIG Dinosaur

Heath and I went over to some friends house on Friday night to watch the Vikings Game so Dylan spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa Wytaske's.  Dylan slept on one end of the couch and Grandma slept on the other end.  Grandma always has to put cushions on the floor because Dylan is always falling off the couch, but he never wakes up.  She only had to pick him up and put him back on the couch once this time.  When Dylan woke up, he looked around and when he seen Grandma he got a big smile and said "I had a good sleep."  Then he asked grandma "Did you have a good sleep?"  Grandma said "Yes, I did."  Then Dylan preceding to say, "Snore".  Grandma asked "Did I snore?" Dylan replied very loudly, "Like a BIG dinosaur!!!!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mama, Your My Best Friend

Dylan and I were watching Dora the Explorer this past weekend.  The episode was about Best Friend's Day.  I find it amazing that Dylan understands as much as he does and pays such close attention to what he is watching.  He can definitely multitask because him and I were playing dinosaurs while this episode was on.  Sometime during playtime Dylan walked over to where I was sitting,  placed his hands on my cheeks, bent down to make eye contact "Mama, your my best friend." he said and gave me a kiss.  This boy is SUCH A SWEETHEART!!!!  I don't know how many more times I can melt.....but this was a good one =)   I asked him who else was his best friend and of course Daddy was, and his Gma's and Gpa's.  Later in the day when I was trying to show off to Grandma Jean (Betty) how sweet my little boy was.  I said Dylan tell Grandma who your best friend is.  He smiled and said "M.....a.......No Grandma" and pointed at Grandma Jean.  Little Turkey.  But he is right Grandma is his best friend too. 

Sunday, August 9, 2009

25 Random Things- Part 3

25- I have to lay in bed with my Mommy for 15+ minutes before going to bed in my crib
24- I think there is a puma after me...all the time- "That dirty puma"
23- I am a total park nut. If you drive by a park I will notice.
22- If I don't want to share my food with someone I tell them it is really yucky
21- When I get mad at my Mommy I tell her to go at work
20- I am very dependent on my nookie aka nookie bookies
19- I am quite the story teller. Once-upon-a-time a little prince named Dylan in a castle with a dragon....
18- Thomas is still the coolest thing ever
17- I often flirt with strangers... if my Mommy says something to me I say leave me alone I am flirting.
16- I am still a picky eater...if you can get me to try it I usually like it...otherwise see below #15
15- I spit food out in Mommy's hand like she is a walking trash can.
14- I love to play hide and seek, only problem is when someone is looking for me I holler here I am.
13- One of my favorite things to do on Mommy's day off is visiting Grandma, Uncle Dee and Great Aunt Candy at their work.
12- I can sing my alphabet
11- I have a whole bunch of spots for Mommy to tickle before I go to sleep. My back and legs are probably my favorite, but feet and face are great too.
10- Weekends are my favorite because in the mornings I get to lay in bed with Mommy & Daddy watching cartoons.
9- Every morning I throw Daddy's blanket out of bed and say pewey
8- I will unroll a whole roll of toilet paper so I can have a new telescope
7- My back hurts some days from working on David's motor
6- I always have an idea, which is a present, which is a kiss. =)
5- I love to sing. Mostly duets with my Mommy. Thomas and Friends & Wonder Pets theme song are my favorites.
4- Brushing my teeth is very important and I love doing so. After I am done I run around showing everyone my pretty white teeth.
3- If someone tells me no...I definitely try to get a second opinion. =)
2- I notice when my Mommy has a different purse and I make sure to take notice in front of Daddy.
1- I have a billion toys; all of which are counted for, so don't try anything funny Mommy & Daddy

My First Train Ride

Duluth Aug 1st, 2009 - Lake Superior & Mississippi

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And Brush Your Teeth

This morning I followed our normal routine.  Grabbing Dylan out of his crib, laying him in our bed, and turning Dora on for him. "I'll be right back.  I'm going to get you some milk." I said.  "And brush your teeth." Dylan replied.  I turned around "Brush my teeth?  Does my breath stink?"  Dylan looked at me with his serious look and said "Just brush your teeth."  When I got back upstairs I gave him a kiss "Is that better?"   He smiled and said "Mmmm..."   I guess this was better than the last time he informed me I had morning breath.  ***
A couple weekends ago Heath, Dylan and I were all laying in bed together.  Dylan was laying on my chest drinking his milk.  While his head was laying on my chest I asked him something.  Right after I spoke he looked at me "What's that smell?"  I figured by the look on his face it wasn't a good smell and since he was right in the line of fire "Probably my breath." I replied.   And here comes the brutal honesty of a child.  "Like poopy?" he asked.  Oh did his Daddy ever like that one; until I told Dylan to smell his Daddy's breath and he said it smelled like poopy too.  =) Kids say the darndest thing!!! 

Saturday, August 1, 2009