Thursday, December 31, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Grandma Came Home & Grandpa Said Shhhh

I was getting Dylan dressed and he started singing Sponge Bob Square Pants.  It has been awhile since I heard him singing this, reason being because we don't allow him to watch this show.  I looked at him and said "Has grandpa been letting you watch Sponge Bob?"  Dylan smiled "Yes, but then grandma came home.....and grandpa said shhhhhh." 

Is Everything Alright Bud?

The other night Dylan came up to me with a comb in his hand "I am Winzey mommy, and I am going to cut your hair."  He climbed up on the couch and started to comb my hair and pretend he was cutting it.  He kept leaning forward to look at me and say "How you doing Bud? or "Is everything alright Bud?"  Then he said "I told you it wouldn't hurt."  It was so cute.  And as he is saying this to me I can hear the words coming out of Lindsey's mouth.  What a little character I have!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wii Mario Kart

Dylan loves Mommy & Daddy's new present.  He is a very wild driver while he is playing...and he prefers to do it alone.  :)  When mommy or daddy is racing Dylan is full of encouragement  "That's okay. You just have to watch out next time. " he says whenever we crash into something.  

Christmas 2009

Thank You Santa

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grandpa's Helper

Dylan loved his new shovel & couldn't wait to get outside and start working.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ambulance Driver Dylan

Calling all engines....calling all engines!  
Dylan had a great time checking out the ambulance,  thanks to my friend Jill! He toured the front..the back and even got to hear the siren and talk over the speaker,"calling all engines" :)
But first he made sure Jill wasn't going to take him to jail if he climbed in the back.  LOL

Watching Rudolph

That snow monster is pretty scary!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hmmm, That Is Strange

The other day Dylan and I were playing outside in the snow.  He loves to throw snow balls at me ;)  As we were playing Dylan went towards a snow bank that was a bit yellow.  Of course I shouted "NO don't touch that!" Then I explained to him where yellow snow comes from.  He sat there for a minute and looked around all the while I could tell his mind was just racing.  "Hmmmmm," he said "That is strange, dog pee but I don't see any dog."  

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Loving his Xmas card from Grandma Jean

Dylan was so excited to get his own mail. He loved his card...3 days later and he still hugs it when he wakes up. "This is my most favorite card anyone ever has."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Will He Say Next

*After seeing Santa Claus as we were getting into the car Dylan says "I know that was not the real Santa!" 12/01/2009
*Dylan told me his play frog cannot be sleeping because he is just pretend; so he can't close his eyes. 12/11/2009
*Insist we call him Jack. 12/12/2009
*"Fine I will just sit & play with all this old junk" - old junking being his toys. 12/14/2009
*Dylan hollered to me "Mama, Daddy is digging in your purse again!" Then he proceeded to holler at Heath to stay out of Mommy's purse. 12/16/2009
*I told Dylan to pick up his colors, his reply "You have to be patient. I'm watching Max & Ruby."12/16/2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grandma We Need To Talk

Last weekend Grandma Jean put Dylan on his potty chair because she thought he looked like he was trying to go poop.  After sitting on there for quiet awhile she got him off and put his pull up back on.  Not 5 minutes later Dylan went poop in his pull up.  Grandma Jean seemed to be a little disgusted with Dylan.  Dylan apparently knew this.  "Grandma we need to talk!  I know I pooped my pants, but I promise when I go to the nursery at church I will be a big boy."  Dylan said.  Of course Grandma got a big laugh out of this and I can just see the facial expressions while he is reasoning with Grandma.   

Damn Cat

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dylan says to me this morning "Mommy am I still on the good list since I was naughty ALL day yesterday?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dylan & Santa

Dylan says to me last night because I was apparently putting him to bed before he was ready "You drive me nuts Mommy" followed with a chuckle. I'm glad he finds himself amusing.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Road Hunting for Combines & Deer

Heath and Dylan were driving around looking for deer one day.  Heath spotted a nice size buck and pointed it out to Dylan.  Of course Dylan is just as impressed with the combines in the fields so Heath was pointing those out as well.  When they spotted the buck Heath asked Dylan if he would care if he shot it.  Dylan said "Yes! You can BOOM that combine, but you can't BOOM that deer cause he would FREAK OUT !!"  When I got home from work Dylan told me that they saw 2 deer and 10 combines.

Sweet Dreams Daddy

The other night Dylan and I were in bed fighting off the wall monsters & trying to escape from them under the covers.  Dylan decided he better warn his daddy who was downstairs sleeping in the chair that monsters where heading his way.  He started hollering "Daddy! Daddy! Monsters are heading your way. " Heath never responded so Dylan climbed off the bed over to the balcony and starting hollering again.  Finally Heath responded with a not so happy voice.  He proceeded to tell Dylan it was bed time and he better get back into bed.  Dylan turned around with this look on his face (like whatever) waved his hand (like forget you) and said "Well sweet dreams Daddy! Monsters are coming your way!" 

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Your Gonna Get It

Heath likes to tease Dylan and call him Caillou when he is being a little on the whiney side.  The other day when Heath was teasing Dylan, Dylan hollered back "That's it, if you call me Caillou one more time..."  Heath didn't respond back so I said did you just hear what he said.  Apparently Heath didn't hear the "if" part, so when I filled him in "If what Buddy?" Heath asked.  "Your gonna get it!!!!"  Dylan replied.

Dylan Bowling

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Applebees Has Apple Juice

Dylan, Heath and Grandpa Howie went out for lunch at Bubbles Cafe in Adams last Tuesday.  The waitress asked our little chatterbox what he wanted to drink.  Yes Dylan prefers to do his own ordering.  Dylan said apple juice.  The waitress informed him that they don't have apple juice.  Dylan replied back "Well Applebee's has apple juice!" 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Roses & Rain

Yesterday Dylan kept coming in the room "Mmmmmm I smell Mommy."  So I asked him what does mommy smell like,  He said "Mommy smells like roses."  Then I decided to ask him what does Daddy smell like,  He said "Daddy smells like rain." I guess Dylan thinks his mommy and daddy smell good and fresh =)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Don't Want Bills

Dylan saw Great Grandpa Wytaske going to his mailbox and he was wondering what he was doing.  Grandma Jean told him G-Grandpa liked to get mail.  Then she informed Dylan he was going to get mail someday.  "I'm going to have a mailbox?"  Dylan asked excitedly.  "Yes."  Grandma Jean said.  "But I don't want bills."  Dylan replied back. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ranking Leaves

" Helping" Jenna and Loren Rank Leaves -

A Naughty Store

Dylan and Grandma Jean were playing trucks the other night.  Dylan said that his truck was going to the store. Grandma asked Dylan what store is your truck going to and Dylan replied a naughty store. Grandma curiously asked what's a naughty store and Dylan said a Liquor store." We have no idea where he got this one from, but we hope he will always think this way. =)

Girls, Grandma Needs To Go To The Bafroom

Dylan and Grandma Jean were down to the Nursing Home Monday night.  Dylan was playing with G-Grandmas phone.  He was pushing the buttons like he was dialing someone, then he picked up the phone and said "Hi! Dee , this is Dylan" then he had this look on his face like he was listening to what Dee was saying.  Then he hung up the phone and started pushing buttons again,  picked up the phone and said "Hi Stephie, this is Dylan" and did the same thing.  Grandma Jean told Dylan to push Great Grandma's button because she needed help to go to the bathroom.  Dylan looked at Grandma Jean kind of funny, went and barely touched the button and ran to her.  He thought he was going to set off the alarm so Grandma told him no that's not the alarm it will just turn on her light to let someone know she needs help.  So Dylan pushed it and returned back to the phone, started pushing buttons, picked up the phone and this time he says "Girls, come help Grandma.  She needs to go to the bafroom."  Grandma and Great Grandma cracked up. 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grandma's Sink Is Great

  After Dylan's bath today he informed me that my sink is stupid and Grandma's sink is great.  Yes Dylan still takes a bath in the sink.  This is what he likes and whatever makes bath time easier works for me.  Not to mention my back likes it too.  I asked him why and he rambled on about it and basically just told me that is what he thought and that is how it is.  I did remind him that we don't use the word stupid and he just said "Oh ya I forgot" with a bat of his eyes and a sweet little smile. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Is Ruining The Leaves

Today when Dylan and I stepped outside the wind was blowing and leaves were flying off the trees. Dylan looked up, and then down at the leave filled ground and said "Oh no the leaves are ruined. Fall is ruining the leaves." He is just the funniest little guy ever!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Go Diego, Go

Yesterday Dylan wanted to pretend play that we were rescuing animals like Go Diego, Go.  Of course he was Diego and I was Alicia, Diego's sister.  We rescued a Panther, a Dolphin, a baby Seal, a Crocodile, and a few other animals.   We jumped over waterfalls, swam in rivers, climbed mountains, soared across the sky in our gliders.  I enjoyed listening to Dylan come up with different scenarios for our rescue; he has a very creative imagination.  Dylan kept telling me to say "Good Job Diego, Good Job."  Of course after a couple times of him telling me this I caught on that he enjoyed being called Diego.  Dylan and I were right in the middle of rescuing another animal when we both heard a noise at the door.  Dylan went running to the door.  Of course we both new it was Daddy, but without missing a beat, Dylan opened the door and said "I am glad you came over Dora"  I couldn't hold back I was laughing so hard.  So for the last 24 hrs Mommy has been Alicia, Dylan has been Diego and Daddy has been Dora.  I am guessing Daddy doesn't want this game to stick.  LOL!!!  Daddy asked if he could be Boots, but Dylan said "No you are Dora."  =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Snow! Cool!

When Dylan noticed the snow falling outside he ran to the patio door "SNOW! COOL!!" he shouted.  "You like the snow?" I asked.  "YEAH! Can we go outside?" he quickly replied.  When we got outside Dylan was all giggles and smiles,  running around sticking his hands in the snow and trying to catch snow flakes on his tongue.  We had our first snow ball fight, which Dylan definitely loved.  I have a feeling that Mommy is going to get pegged with a lot of snow balls this year since I now have two boys who love to throw snow balls at me =)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Say Yes Bunny

Dylan and Grandma Jean went to the nursing home this Sunday.  Dylan wanted to take Bunny along so they had to strap him into the seat belt.  After Grandma strapped Bunny in Dylan said "Now you will be safe Bunny; don't be scared."  Then Dylan asked, "Bunny do you want to go see the Old Folks at the Nursing Home?" Then he said "Say yes bunny."  Of course Grandma cracked up.  Dylan is such a funny little guy and he is always all about safety!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

When You Got A Problem

I laid Dylan down for a nap Saturday afternoon.   I could hear him talking, jumping & banging around; then he got quiet for awhile.  Great he is winding down and falling asleep I thought.  Just then I hear him singing.  I got closer to the monitor to listen.  "When you got a problem think think think.  If you got a problem just think! Think! Think!"  I thought to myself the only problem he has is being stuck in his crib; then I realized he is trying to figure out an escape route.  =) 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big & Strong

Everyone is constantly telling Dylan in order to get big and strong like his Daddy he has to eat all of his food.  One day Grandma Jean (Betty) and Dylan were driving home from the nursing home "Now I will be big and strong like Daddy." Dylan said   "Why?" Grandma Jean asked.  "Because I ate all my licorice!" Dylan replied.  Not exactly what we meant but Dylan has away of making things work his way =)

Cookie Medicine

I didn't feel very well yesterday so Dr. Dylan decided he was going to take care of his mommy.  Last night he came over to me with some medicine.  He told me to open up and take this because it would make me feel A LOT better.  "What is it?" I asked  "Cookie medicine." he replied.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't Forget Me

One morning last week Dylan was questioning where Daddy was.  I told him he was at work like he is every morning.  Dylan didn't seem to like this and he also didn't want to call Daddy; like we do every morning.  I didn't think much about it and we went on with our morning routine.  That evening while I was at work Heath and Dylan called me to tell me good night..  Heath told me that Dylan was being a little Stinker to him.  He also told him that Dylan was mad at him.  When Heath asked him why he said because you didn't wake me up to go to work with you.  Apparently Dylan had told his Daddy the night before that he wanted to go to work with him in the morning.  LOL!  He is already holding grudges.  Poor Daddy is going to get the cold shoulder quiet often since he works with BIG trucks...and we know how much Dylan loves those BIG trucks!!!!  The next night at bed time Dylan's words were "Don't forget me!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Too Many Smoochie-Woochie-Kins

I would have to say my favorite time of the day is when Dylan and I wind down just before bed. We lay in Mommy and Daddy's bed talking, playing, cuddling or just simply enjoying our quiet time together. This usually last about 15-30 minutes; depending on the how much spunk Dylan has left in his day. Friday night we followed a different routine. We laid in my bed while Mommy watch a whole 60 min show. WOW! Of course during commercials I would tickle, nibble, and toss Dylan around in the bed. I was giving him lots and lots of smoochie-woochie-kins too. It is so hard not to kiss him constantly. He is so sweet and gives the best kisses. I finally asked Dylan "Does Mommy kiss you too much?" He looked at me as if I was asking him a trick question, which struck me as funny because he is only 2 1/2, but then again we already know he is a smarty pants ;) He finally shook his head yes.....but my sweet little angel placed his hands on my cheeks and said "But I like it" as if he was assuring me it was alright because he didn't mind LOL! What did we do so right to deserve this incredible gift from God!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Minnesota Zoo 8/23/2009

Watching the dolphins

Tiger Cave

Petting the Sharks

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Speaking Spanish

Last night I gave Dylan his change to put in his piggy bank. He has always been a well mannered toddler; please, thank you, excuse me, your welcome etc. I set his money down in front of him and he said "Gracias." I guess if we want to keep up with him we best start a refresh course in Spanish. He already counts in Spanish and now he is using Spanish words in place of English words :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Monsters, Caves & Big Dee

Last night Dylan woke up in his crib crying.  He said there were monsters after him.  I assured him that he was having a dream, placed him in our bed and cuddled up to him.  He grabbed my hand placing it around his face/neck and told me not to move it.  He really wanted me to hold him tight!  I woke up way past our normal rising so I was in a rush this morning.  I went downstairs to get ready leaving Dylan in our bed.  A few minutes later I could hear Dylan hollering for me "Mommy! Mommy, where the heck are  you?"  I went rushing up the stairs.  Of course I got a big smile when he saw me and a very serious look when I asked him about his dream.  He starting telling me about the monsters and then he said he was in a cave with Big Dee.  Apparently they were running from a lot of monsters in a cave because when I asked him again about the monster....he said " one, A LOT of monsters."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Don't Want The Lesson Eber

Dylan is constantly playing by or with the TV and Heath and I are always telling him to move away from it.   Monday morning I was getting ready for work and I tried telling Dylan to move away from the TV a couple different times before I finally had to walk over and move him away.  His arms went crossed, his chin went up, he squinted his eyes, huffed a little and said "No, and I don't want the lesson eber!"  I couldn't help but laugh.  Does he really know that there is a reason why mommy and daddy don't want him to do certain things.  And at 28 mos are we already boring him with I am only doing this for your own good stories or what =)  What will he come up with next?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Like A BIG Dinosaur

Heath and I went over to some friends house on Friday night to watch the Vikings Game so Dylan spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa Wytaske's.  Dylan slept on one end of the couch and Grandma slept on the other end.  Grandma always has to put cushions on the floor because Dylan is always falling off the couch, but he never wakes up.  She only had to pick him up and put him back on the couch once this time.  When Dylan woke up, he looked around and when he seen Grandma he got a big smile and said "I had a good sleep."  Then he asked grandma "Did you have a good sleep?"  Grandma said "Yes, I did."  Then Dylan preceding to say, "Snore".  Grandma asked "Did I snore?" Dylan replied very loudly, "Like a BIG dinosaur!!!!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mama, Your My Best Friend

Dylan and I were watching Dora the Explorer this past weekend.  The episode was about Best Friend's Day.  I find it amazing that Dylan understands as much as he does and pays such close attention to what he is watching.  He can definitely multitask because him and I were playing dinosaurs while this episode was on.  Sometime during playtime Dylan walked over to where I was sitting,  placed his hands on my cheeks, bent down to make eye contact "Mama, your my best friend." he said and gave me a kiss.  This boy is SUCH A SWEETHEART!!!!  I don't know how many more times I can melt.....but this was a good one =)   I asked him who else was his best friend and of course Daddy was, and his Gma's and Gpa's.  Later in the day when I was trying to show off to Grandma Jean (Betty) how sweet my little boy was.  I said Dylan tell Grandma who your best friend is.  He smiled and said "M.....a.......No Grandma" and pointed at Grandma Jean.  Little Turkey.  But he is right Grandma is his best friend too. 

Sunday, August 9, 2009

25 Random Things- Part 3

25- I have to lay in bed with my Mommy for 15+ minutes before going to bed in my crib
24- I think there is a puma after me...all the time- "That dirty puma"
23- I am a total park nut. If you drive by a park I will notice.
22- If I don't want to share my food with someone I tell them it is really yucky
21- When I get mad at my Mommy I tell her to go at work
20- I am very dependent on my nookie aka nookie bookies
19- I am quite the story teller. Once-upon-a-time a little prince named Dylan in a castle with a dragon....
18- Thomas is still the coolest thing ever
17- I often flirt with strangers... if my Mommy says something to me I say leave me alone I am flirting.
16- I am still a picky eater...if you can get me to try it I usually like it...otherwise see below #15
15- I spit food out in Mommy's hand like she is a walking trash can.
14- I love to play hide and seek, only problem is when someone is looking for me I holler here I am.
13- One of my favorite things to do on Mommy's day off is visiting Grandma, Uncle Dee and Great Aunt Candy at their work.
12- I can sing my alphabet
11- I have a whole bunch of spots for Mommy to tickle before I go to sleep. My back and legs are probably my favorite, but feet and face are great too.
10- Weekends are my favorite because in the mornings I get to lay in bed with Mommy & Daddy watching cartoons.
9- Every morning I throw Daddy's blanket out of bed and say pewey
8- I will unroll a whole roll of toilet paper so I can have a new telescope
7- My back hurts some days from working on David's motor
6- I always have an idea, which is a present, which is a kiss. =)
5- I love to sing. Mostly duets with my Mommy. Thomas and Friends & Wonder Pets theme song are my favorites.
4- Brushing my teeth is very important and I love doing so. After I am done I run around showing everyone my pretty white teeth.
3- If someone tells me no...I definitely try to get a second opinion. =)
2- I notice when my Mommy has a different purse and I make sure to take notice in front of Daddy.
1- I have a billion toys; all of which are counted for, so don't try anything funny Mommy & Daddy

My First Train Ride

Duluth Aug 1st, 2009 - Lake Superior & Mississippi

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And Brush Your Teeth

This morning I followed our normal routine.  Grabbing Dylan out of his crib, laying him in our bed, and turning Dora on for him. "I'll be right back.  I'm going to get you some milk." I said.  "And brush your teeth." Dylan replied.  I turned around "Brush my teeth?  Does my breath stink?"  Dylan looked at me with his serious look and said "Just brush your teeth."  When I got back upstairs I gave him a kiss "Is that better?"   He smiled and said "Mmmm..."   I guess this was better than the last time he informed me I had morning breath.  ***
A couple weekends ago Heath, Dylan and I were all laying in bed together.  Dylan was laying on my chest drinking his milk.  While his head was laying on my chest I asked him something.  Right after I spoke he looked at me "What's that smell?"  I figured by the look on his face it wasn't a good smell and since he was right in the line of fire "Probably my breath." I replied.   And here comes the brutal honesty of a child.  "Like poopy?" he asked.  Oh did his Daddy ever like that one; until I told Dylan to smell his Daddy's breath and he said it smelled like poopy too.  =) Kids say the darndest thing!!! 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mommy vs. Dora

This morning Dylan and I were laying in bed when I tried cuddling up to him.  He pushed me away as if I was bothering him.  "I am just trying to cuddle with you." I said.  "And I am just trying to watch Dora." he replied.  "Oh well excuse me." I said while rolling back over to my side.  I guess I should know better than to mess with Dylan when Dora is on. LOL!!!

The Sweetest Boy EVER

Tuesday night Dylan and I were laying in bed.  He had his head resting on my pillow, forehead pressed against mine.  Laying his hand on my cheek he looked at me and said "Mama, you make me so happy."  He is the sweetest little boy EVER.  Yes I am  forever putty in his hands. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grandma's Home! Grandma's Home!

Yesterday Grandma Betty left work early because she was going to get her lawn mowed.  When she opened the sliding door she peeked in and there was Dylan on the couch suppose to be taking a nap, but he was wide awake.  He got this great big smile on his face and said, "Are you home from work Grandma?" and then he started yelling really loud, "Grandpa, Grandpa! Grandma's home! Grandma's home!"  He was so excited because he knew now that Grandma was home that she would start playing with him instead of making him take a nap.  Naturally the lawn didn't get mowed. Grandma and Dylan went down to the nursing home to visit Great Grandma Bentzin.  Dylan was entertaining Great Grandma Bentzin telling her the names of all his Thomas and Friends engines.  He knows them all. Then they went down to watch the birds, but Dylan noticed that the volunteers were helping the residents bowl in the living room, so they had to go check that out.  Grandma Bentzin doesn't like to bowl, but she watches.  When it was Gladys's turn, Dylan would shout "Good Job Gladys" after she rolled her ball.  Gladys had the best score at the end, so she got to wear the Champion hat for the day.  Dylan looked over at her "Way to go, Gladys." he said.  She is the one Dylan gives high fives to every time he's there.  When they were ready to go home, Dylan turned at the door and said "Bye, people."  Grandma Betty says, The joy in all their faces when they see him come through the door makes up for all the running she has to do to keep up with him.  She doesn't know who gets more wore out, her or him. 

Such A Fun Day

Saturday the 18th of July both Heath and I had to work early in the morning so Grandma Betty came to our place to watch Dylan.  I am sure waking up to his Grandma was part of  his 'fun' day.  Another bonus to the day was probably Grandma's pancakes in the morning instead of Mama's.  I don't know what it is but it seems 'Grandma's' pancakes are always the best.  After breakfast Dylan and Grandma went to Toys R' Us to get James The Tank Engine.  Grandma Betty promised Dylan this engine if he sat like a good boy for his haircut that his Daddy took him to the previous Thursday.  And of course he was a good boy =)
Dylan called me from Toys R Us, "I want this Thomas bed! he exclaimed.  I knew exactly what bed he was talking about too.  I have seen this bed and thought how cute it would look in Dylan's already decorated Thomas room.  But unless we need his crib before he needs a toddler bed.  I don't think he will be getting it because his crib turns into a toddler bed.  Of course James wasn't the only thing that Dylan got at Toys R' Us.  He also got a Thomas back pack, which came with a Thomas lunch kit, and he got a caboose that plays the Thomas theme song when you press it.  Every time Dylan presses the caboose and the songs starts playing he looks at Grandma and says "Thank you so much Grandma".  Obviously he really loves this toy. 
We also had a family picnic scheduled in Owatonna at my Aunt Janet's house. The picnic didn't start until 3 so Heath and I were able to go, we just arrived late.  Dylan had such a good time run, run, running all over the place, playing with the bubbles in the pool, throwing the bocce balls around the yard, and just simply entertaining everyone.  On the way home he was so tired.  Before falling fast asleep Dylan took his nookie out of his mouth and said "I had such a fun day Daddy."  He sure did!!

About An Hour

This morning I awoke at 8:58 a.m. (which is rather late) to the sound of my little Stinker hollering "Mama" like he does every morning.  I walked into his room to see him standing up in his crib.   "How long have you been up, Turkey?" I asked.  Shrugging his shoulders "About an hour."  he replied.  I had to laugh because for a split second I checked his walls for a clock; like he can tell time.  He didn't have his normal sleepy face and sometimes he does like to lay in his crib for awhile before hollering for me; but for a whole hour.  Could he possible have the concept of an hour at his age?  He is usually awake a little after 8 a.m. every morning so his calculation seemed correct. LOL.  He sure does have us all wondering =) 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Dylan was at the big park with his Grandpa Dave.  He ending up getting his hands full of mud so Grandpa took him over to the drinking fountain to wash up.  "Hmm....concrete." Dylan said.   "What did you say?" Grandpa asked.   "Concrete." Dylan replied pointing at the fountain. 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Is It A Monster

Fun Days was going on in Rose Creek this weekend so Dylan's proud Daddy and I were able to take him to the park and show him off to Daddy's old classmates/friends.    Of course Dylan was a good boy and made us proud.   There was a couple different times when people stated "Wow he talks so well for two."  So I know it  isn't just me being a proud mama; to say the least,  I know I am  =)  Dylan is very talkative and does have a wide vocabulary for a two year old.  Every once in awhile Dylan played the shy boy; usually around the pretty girls, but it didn't take him long to come out of this fake shell.  LOL!!!   I think he gets that from his Daddy....and that is also what I heard ;) 
Saturday evening Heath and I went back up to the park to watch Hairball and have some adult fun.  Dylan stayed behind to take care of his Grandma and Grandpa Greenlee.  =)
Grandpa Howie told us this story when we arrived to pick Dylan up: 
Dylan was laying in bed with his grandma when he hollered out to the living room for grandpa.  "Grandpa better come here."  Grandpa entered the room. "What is that noise?" Dylan asked.  "Is it a monster?" Dylan questioned.   "No that's not a monster.  That's Grandma snoring." Grandpa replied back with a chuckle.     

Well Done Grandpa

Yesterday Grandma, Dylan and I went for a walk.  Dylan wanted to go to the little park because "I love this park"  And of course Uncle David's racecar is in the garage next to the tot lot; that is where Grandpa is quiet often.  After playing for a bit Dylan walked over to check out the racecar and must have wanted to see what grandpa had accomplished since his last visit because right away Dylan said "Well done Grandpa.  Well done."  It was so cute and of course it put a huge smile on Grandpa's face. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cruising On His Motorcycle =)

It's Easy- You Go Like This

When I got home from work Monday I noticed Dylan's computer was on the end table.  Him and grandpa must have been learning this afternoon =)   "I'm going to play with your computer."  I said.  "No!" Dylan exclaimed as he came running over to me.  " Well, I don't even know how to do it."  I said.  "It's easy.  (shrugging his shoulder) You go like this. " Dylan said while grabbing the mouse and clicking on an icon.   He began explaining to me how you do it.  And I thought this computer would be to advanced for Dylan. 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

There's A Puma In Our Kitchen

Dylan thinks we have a puma living in our kitchen. He is very careful when entering and always warns Mommy & Daddy to watch out for the puma. He has such a good imagination. I think this all came about because we were never able to see the puma at the zoo. It was either not in its cage or not visible. And we checked a couple different times.

4th of July Fun

Como Park 07/02/09

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ask My Butt

Tonight when I was getting Dylan in his car seat I heard a long loud rumble come from him. "What was that?" I asked. "I don't know! Ask my butt." Dylan replied. My stomach hurt so bad when I was able to stop laughing. What a character :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sing It Mom

I am not tone deaf...I can hear what I sound like, and its not good; this is why I don't ever sing. That is until I had Dylan. It is amazing the things we do for our children. =) When Dylan was a baby I used to feel sorry for him having to listen to Mommy singing, but I figured hearing my voice would be soothing for him.. Lately he is constantly asking us to sing the Thomas theme song to him. Since Mommy is the only one that knows the whole song, I am the lucky one that gets to sing it to him every 5 seconds. He loves to listen to Mommy sing. LOL!!! I turn it into a game for us. I will sing part of the song, stopping to let Dylan sing another part. It really is fun for Dylan, but I wished he didn't ask me to sing it when we were around other people =)
This morning when we were watching Mickey Mouse Club I was just getting Dylan's shoes on when the famous "Hot Dog" song started. This is probably every kids favorite part. Dylan was so serious when he pointed at me while getting up from his chair to dance and said "You better sing it Mom!"
Oh yes and the Mom thing...that is a whole other issue....I am Mommy, not Mom. He is to young to call me Mom. Although I have to admit. When he says "I Love You too Mom" at night when I tuck him in; that still sounds as sweet as it could ever be. Sometimes he just sounds like such a big boy when he says Mom to be instead of Mommy! tear tear!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What A Busy Day

Dylan was ready for his nap today; he just never fell asleep. Sometimes I think he gets his second wind while laying in his crib.. Later in the afternoon I dropped him off at Grandma Jeans (Betty) around 4 p.m. on my way to work. Both Grandma and Grandpa noticed Dylan looked tired but he wanted to take a stroller ride and we all know Dylan usually gets what he wants....especially from his Grandma's and Grandpa's =) Grandma said Dylan didn't even ask to stop at either of the parks on their walk so she knew he would be ready to lay down when they got home. As soon as they got in the door Dylan asked for his milk and climbed on the couch. He didn't fall asleep right away; first he had to chat with Grandma. "Why didn't you have a nap early today? " Grandma asked. "What a busy day." Dylan replied. "A busy day doing what?" Grandma asked. "Busy playing." Dylan replied back. He couldn't be more right. Dylan is a very, very busy little boy!!!!

I Don't Know

A couple months back...Dylan's reply to almost everything I told him was "I know." I swear he knew everything =) Most recently he claims to not know anything. Still at 27 months dumping Mommy or Daddy's pop over is still fun. Even knowing there will be consequence he loves to do this. Of course he doesn't know why he does it. He looks so serious when he replies "I DON'T KNOW" shrugging his shoulders a bit. It is really amusing when he answers me with "I don't know. " Then saying it again under his breath "I just don't know" I think he realized not knowing anything is a lot easier than knowing everything. =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dylan's Playdate With Grayson

Yesterday we picked up Dylan's friend Grayson for a play date. We thought it would be fun to take the boys to Rose Creek so Dylan could show his buddy the rabbits, horses, and take him on a golf cart ride to see the cows and the big trucks...which all boys love. Grayson of course was excited to see Dylan but not so excited to get in a car with us, leaving behind his mommy. We were able to get him in the car beginning our journey but not without tears. It was so sweet though; Dylan kept saying "Its ok Grayson. Its ok I promise we have fun." When we arrived in Rose Creek Heath reminded Dylan he should go show Grayson the rabbits; from than on out it was all giggles. You could tell Dylan was so excited to have a friend with him. They had so much fun running and playing together. On our golf cart ride Heath and I really enjoyed listening to the boys talk, grunt, and moo at each other. It was quiet interesting.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh Come On

"Oh come on Mom" or "Oh come on Dad" Dylan's response to anyone telling him no. Although if you have read any of my previous entries you all know that Daddy doesn't use that word very often. =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

You Have Brown, I Have Blue?

Dylan noticed last night that Mommy doesn't have blue eyes, and neither does Daddy.  We were all playing together when Dylan strangely looked at me placing his hands on my chin.  "Mommy, you have brown eyes?" Dylan said.  Quickly  he turned his attention away from me on to his Daddy. "Daddy have blue eyes?" Dylan asked while grabbing Heaths face to get a look at his eyes.  Dylan turned and looked back at me, then back to Heath.  He seemed a bit confused.  "What color are your eyes?  I asked.  Dylan sadly replied "Blue"   Even as smart as he is I didn't figure I should "try" to explain genetics to him ;)  so I just told him Mommy and Daddy's  brown eyes made your beautiful blue eyes.  He smiled, kissed me and returned to play.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Thomas Stories

I could hear Dylan counting from his crib.  "One car,  two cars, three cars, four cars, five cars, a thousand cars."  I entered the room.  "A thousand cars?" I said  "Uh huh. A thousand Thomas cars."  
Dylan has a Thomas The Tank  mural on the wall above his crib.   I love to sit and listening to him describe the scene from this picture just after he has woke up, or just before he falls asleep.   Having watched "every" episode of Thomas listening to his stories are very interesting.  He describes each character and what he thinks they are doing, or on their way to do.  "Here comes grumpy Diesel" We can hear off in the distance. Heath and I just look at each other with these proud, glowing smiles.  Dylan is definitely our little bit of heaven right here on earth. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spring 2009 & Spring 2008.

Give It Back

I I know that I kiss Dylan too much; but is that really possible. Well anyway he is always covering his mouth and saying "No kisses Mom." I'm pretty crafty though so I sneak in for the kiss anyway. Dylan will then say "Give it back" I love this...because guess what I get to kiss him again. LOL!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Get Back In Your Room

Dylan and Grandma Betty were down to visit Great Grandma at the nursing home and they took her outside for awhile. When they went back inside they asked Great Grandma if she wanted to stay out in the hall or if she wanted to go to her room. She said that she wanted to go to her room because she would be going to bed pretty soon. Dylan wanted to go home, but they needed to take Grandma to her room first because she had to go to bed. After the hugs and kisses they started leaving Great Grandma's room and she started to follow them. They got out in the hall and Dylan turned around and pointed at Great Grandma and said "Get back in your room. You have to go to bed." He even grabbed on to the front of her wheelchair and started pushing her back in. He had this determined look on his face. Both Great Grandma and Grandma started laughing and when Robby(St Mark's employee) realized what was going on he started laughing too. I'm not sure if Dylan was afraid that they were going to have to stay some more and he wanted to go play at Grandma's or if he was just imitating his Grandpa when it is time for his nap. I can see Grandpa saying you get back on that couch and go to bed.

Daddy Would

I try to only allow Dylan one juice a day, but he always wants more. The other day he handed me his cup and said "More juice please." I said "No, you just finished your juice. You don't need anymore. " He looked at me and said "Daddy would!"

Dylan wanted a cookie and Grandma gave him the other half of my cookie. Dylan looked at the cookie; handed it back to Grandma and said "No, a fresh one!"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday MY Grandma

This morning Dylan called Grandma Betty at work to sing her Happy Birthday. We have been practicing all week. She didn't answer so Dylan sang to her voice mail. He changes the words in the song a little. He doesn't say Happy Birthday Dear Grandma(like I taught him) He says Happy Birthday MY Grandma! Which is way cuter. Of course Grandma loved her message and Dylan sang to her again at lunch time when we brought her balloons and a cupcake.


This morning I told Dylan we need to step outside to check the temperature. When we got outside Dylan looked at me and said "I don't see him. I don't see temperature."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top Toe Tiffy

A couple weekends ago Dylan and I went over to my friends Tiffany and Zippy's house. He was having a lot of fun running and playing in the yard with Zippy =) Since then Dylan has been asking to go over to Zippy's house almost everyday. The first time he asked I told him that Zippy was working. So the next day Dylan asked me if Top Toe was working. I said Top Toy? He looked at me and said No, Top Toe Tiffy. Those of you who know Tiffany will understand how Dylan came up with the name. I couldn't stop laughing. Everyday Dylan asks about Zippy and Top Toe Tiffy.

Right Here In My Mouth

Dylan was playing house with Daddy and Mommy last night. He was traveling on his tricycle across the living room from Daddy's house to Mommy's house. He would stop and visit with each of us for a few minutes. When he returned to my house I asked him if he had a present for me. "Yes, it is right here in my mouth!" he said
"In your mouth." I said. "Yes, a kiss." he said
Awww that is the best present I could ever ask for!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today Dylan just flat out told grandpa "I just can't sleep grandpa" And yes Grandpa fell for it.

Come Here Daddy

Last night while we were laying in bed Dylan hollered downstairs to his daddy "Daddy, come here."Dylan said. "What for buddy." Heath replied. After a long pause "Fight you" Dylan said. Heath laughs "No Buddy it is bed time." So mommy whispers to Dylan "Call Daddy a chicken" Of course Dylan likes to be in control and he decides what he says so he had to add to it. "Come here, chicken boy." Dylan said. This got a huge chuckle out of both mommy and daddy. I then told Dylan to bawk at Daddy. Instead Dylan hollers "Cock-a-doo, cock-a-doo." He sure has a mind of his own.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If Mommys Says No, Ask Daddy

The other night Dylan asked me for juice. I told him no he could have water because he has already had enough juice. He asked a couple more times before realizing that I wasn't giving in. Dylan ended up going into the living room and whispering to his Daddy for juice. Heath couldn't hear what he was saying. Dylan kept whispering something to Heath and watching carefully to make sure Mommy wasn't coming. In the meantime I had went upstairs...this is when Dylan took quick action grabbing Daddy's hand bringing him into the kitchen. Finally his Daddy realized what Dylan wanted. As Daddy was getting the juice Mommy came walking down the stairs. Dylan bolted out of the kitchen leaving his Daddy holding the juice. If Mommy says no - Go ask Daddy when Mommy isn't looking! LOL!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

25 Random Things - Part 2

25- I can count to ten
24- I know all the residents in Wing 1 by name at Great Grandma's nursing home.
23- I refer to my boy and girl friends differently- girls are "my friends" and boys are "my buddies"
22- I could play in the sand box for hours and I do
21- I know how to cast and reel a fishing pole
20- I love buggy rides (stroller)
19- I know almost every animal - sharks, whales, tortuous, coyote, puma etc....
18- I know all the characters from Thomas the Train. -Rail, Road, or Air
17-My favorite book is "My Little LoveBug" and my grandma reads it to me all the time
16- I can say Bon Jour and I know what it means
15- I refer to everyone as Super Mommy, Super Daddy, Super G'ma & G'pa. And Uncle David is Big Dee, sometimes Super Big Dee
14- I ask if we can go to the park everyday and I refer to them by the colors they are so Mommy knows which park I would like to go to
13- I love to tease Bear (G'ma&G'pa Greenlees dog)
12- I get to go on golf cart rides around Rose Creek whenever I want.
11- I want to race people all the time!
10- My favorite shows at the moment are Dora, Super Why, Wonder Pets, Handy Manny and Cailou
9- I call my Mommy's car "The MamaStang" I learned that from Daddy
8- I know the difference between a Big Truck and a Big Mack Truck!!! I also learned this from my Daddy!
7- I can speak in at least 5 word sentences
6- I can sing part of my alphabet -
5- One of my favorite things to do is play trains with Grandpa- We have a big Thomas Wooden Railway
4- I have 4 blankets that have to go to bed with me, and get out of bed with me.
3- I know which Grandparents house we are going to depending on which way we go on the freeway.
2- Tickle time is one of my favorite times!!!
1- I still know that I can get whatever I want when I ask Daddy (I just know now that I have to make sure Daddy gets it for me before Mommy sees or hears)

A Couple of Stories That Say Im Two

Dylan and his Daddy were having a bit of fight about Dylan staying seated in his chair when we were eating at Grandma and Grandpa Greenlees. Most of our issues with Dylan happen at dinner time. Usually because he doesn't want to eat, or try something new. During this little episode Dylan ending up slapping at his Daddy, and Mommy saw. Not good for Dylan; since Mommy is the hard one =) Right away I jumped into the conversation. Dylan ending up raising his hand towards me. "Don't you dare hit me" I said. The little stinker paused for a second, but then continued through with his raised hand connecting with my arm and said "Tag your it!" with a sly smile.

Yesterday when I got to my parents to pick Dylan up they were all eating ice cream cones from The Point. I asked Dylan where Mommy's ice cream cone was. He replied "At the store."

Friday, May 29, 2009

Stashing Nookies

Earlier in the week we made a fort in the living room and attached it to Dylan's Thomas Mega tent. Dylan has been calling this his home . He even said "My home is a mess." =) Which if you looked inside there are pillows, blankets, and toys all over! The last couple days he has spent most of his time in his fort.
Last night Daddy saw Dylan grab something from the kitchen. Usually he is getting a nookie out of the drawer, but Dylan already had a nookie in his mouth so Heath wasn't sure what he had. Of course right away Dylan takes off running. Heath chases after him asking what he has. Dylan dives into his fort trying to stash whatever he has under a pile of blankets. Dylan quickly showed Daddy his hands; like see I don't have anything. After a little investigating Daddy comes across a couple hidden nookies. You gotta love it, our child is stock piling nookies in his fort because he knows the time is coming near. The threats are getting to him and he is taking the appropriate actions needed. =).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Candy Striper @ St Marks Nursing Home

Dylan second home is St Mark's nursing home where his Great Grandma Bentzin is. He has been going there since he was around 5 months old. Dylan had his first birthday party there; or one of them. He absolutely loves to entertain everyone. Sometimes the first thing he will say to me in the morning is "Home" which for Dylan means nursing home. You should see him walking around; like he owns the place. It is amazing how he knows the names of all residents of Wing 1 and even some from other wings. He says hi to Fern, Maye, Archie, Palmer, Arlene, Eleanore, Darrel, Anne, Gladys and many more.

My Mom takes Dylan to visit Grandma Bentzin 2-3 times during the week and we go there on the weekends as well. Dylan loves to tell his Daddy and I all about it when we get done with work. I asked Dylan if the residents were his friends; with a big ole' smile he shook his head yes...isn't that the sweetest!!!

Right when Dylan arrives at St Marks he runs up to Great Grandma with his arms wide open, giving her a big hug and says "Hi Great Mam-ma" It is so adorable. Seeing the smile on both their faces is heart melting. The rest of his time is spent showing off, hi-fiving, and run, run, running!

The other day when Grandma Betty and Dylan were their Arlene's buzzer was going off. Right away Dylan yelled "Oh no Mam-ma, help her" and started running towards Arlene. At first he thought it was the buzzer on the wheelchair, but it turned out it was the one in her room. Dylan and his Mam-ma shut the alarm off and everything was fine. The buzzers are used for the residents protection so they don't get out of their wheelchairs or bed and fall down.

I think Dylan is probably the youngest candy striper of all time and definitely the most popular!!!
~The pictures are from Valentines Day. Dylan sitting on Great Grandma's lap, doing the hot dog dance for Tony, and handing Arlene her Valentine!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I asked Dylan how old he was this morning. He replied "Two" I then asked Dylan how old mommy was? He replied "Older" I didn't have a response to that; just a chuckle.

Monday, May 25, 2009

2 New Words.. Disgusting & Amazing

Yesterday Dylan wanted a nookie for the car ride home from Rose Creek. He was very tired and I figured if I grabbed one quick he would fall asleep in the car. A few minutes later I looked in the back seat and he didn't have the nookie in his mouth. I said "Where's is your nookie" Dylan pointed on the floor. I said "Don't you want it." He replied "No disgusting" Ok, so the nookie I gave him wasn't the usually nookie that he has, or the same kind. I know that kids are particular about their nookie's and things of the short. But if you ask me if he is old enough to use the word disgusting....he is old enough to not have a nookie =)

"That is amazing" is Dylan's new thing to say.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Dylan likes to come up with ideas when we are laying in bed. It is so cute when he does this. He will hold his pointer finger up and say "Mama, idea." Of course I will feed into it. "What is your idea." Last night he was really excited about his idea; he even had to sit up and make eye contact with me."Presents." he said. "Presents?" I said. "Huh uh, presents for me." he said "You want a present" I replied. And here is the kicker. He then replied back "Ok Mommy" Needless to say I didn't get out of bed and get him a presents....and I am not going to fall for this in a store LOL!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Play Football & Be President

I just got back from dinner with Dylan and Grandpa Howie and I thought I would share a little brag story with you all. Our waitress asked me how old Dylan was and when I told her he just turned 2 April 9, she just couldn't believe it. She asked me if he was advanced for his age? Of course I think so =) She just couldn't believe how well he talked and everything that he knew. After awhile she came back to the table and said "So he turned 2 April 9, I just can't believe that!" I said "Yes and he is pretty big for his age too" She then said something that tickled me pink "Well he will play football and be the president"

2 Year Photo Shoot

Making It Your Idea

Lately Dylan will walk around repeating something over and over and over. For example the other day he was at Grandma's and he kept saying "Park" Finally Grandma said "You want to go to the park" Dylan turned and looked at Grandma and said "Ok Mam-ma"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Super Mommy

Dylan's new name for me is.......SUPER MOMMY!!! I do have to say I absolutely love it =) He also started to address his Daddy, Grandma's and Grandpa's with Super as well. We all get a kick out of the new things Dylan comes up with. Every day is a fun filled adventure with lots of laughs, and many surprises. What a kid!


I am not sure what most 2 yr olds are supposed to know at this age, but even before Dylan was 2 he seemed to know so much more that I thought he would. He knew all of his colors well before 2 . He would count for us, not in the right order, but he would count. He doesn't always cooperate with us now, but he can count to ten. Usually when you ask him to, he will say "1-2-3-4-9" but when he goes up or down stairs he will count "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10" He knows almost all 26 of the letters. I will ask him which letter is "G, Y, D & so on" and he will show me. Heath and I are so proud of our little smarty pants. I think most children at this age feel like circus monkeys most of the time because their parents are constantly trying to show off every new thing they learn to family and friends. Most of the time I found that you have to allow the child to show off on their watch; other wise it just doesn't work out.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ours, Not Mine

We have been working with Dylan to not use the word mine. I try to explain to him that it is ours. It is Mommy's; it is Daddy's; and it is his. I know that he is a toddler and this is a huge word in their vocabulary; but I don't like it. I think it is especially important in Dylan's case because he doesn't have siblings, and he doesn't go to daycare.
This morning Dylan didn't want to share his blankies with his Daddy. So of course he grabbed them and said mine. I squatted next to him and said "We don't use the word mine Dylan. It is ours. Not mine. " A short period after I took Dylan's nookie out of his mouth, as I do every morning. Dylan turned with his arms stretched out grabbing for his nookie and said "NO, ours"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Duluth -Mother's Day Weekend

Mothers Day weekend my friend Jenna, her girls, Dylan and I all went to Duluth. Dylan loves Jenna & the girls. He is always asking to go over to the "girls" house. So I knew that spending an entire weekend with them was going to be a huge treat for him; and I was right. We got rooms at the hotel my cousin Chelssy works at, which was a huge treat for me. I don't get to see my little cousin as much as I wished I could. The hotel had a water park so I knew it would be a lot of fun for the kids, and for us kids at heart =)

Dylan's first experience at a water park, about a month back, was not a good one; thanks to the overhead bucket that dumps water on you. This time the water park adventure was a much more pleasant one for him. He was a little leery at first but soon warmed up to the idea of spending hours in the water park (without his hands on the top of his head)

We were also able to spend some time with Jenz, Jenny and adorable little Amanda Lynn (aka Dylan's future wife) Since we don't know the area they toured us around beautiful Duluth. After our scenic drive on Saturday we went to an indoor carnival located in downtown Duluth. Played some games, rode some rides and decided to head back for some more water park fun. This time Chelssy was able to join us at the water park. I was very pleased to be able to spend more time with her.

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. We all had a wonderful time. Every morning Dylan says "Water park?" I tell him "No water park today, Honey." He then says "Girls" At least I am able to say "Maybe see the girls later."

Monday, May 4, 2009

He Is So Friendly

Dylan is the friendliest little boy I have ever seen. There is so much to learn from the purity of a little child. Sometimes it breaks my heart to watch him at the park. I wonder if he spends too much time with his Mom & Dad and Grandma's & Grandpa's. He strives so hard for playmates once he gets to the park. He usually runs right up to the first kid he sees and says hi with so much excitement and sincerity that it kills me when the other kid doesn't say hi back. Dylan will just stand there and repeat hi over and over, sometimes bending down to make eye contact, just to make sure the kid can hear him. Eventually he will move onto another child, if there is one around. Otherwise I break his attention away from the overwhelmed child. I don't know what to say to Dylan when he looks at me with this wonderment of why this child isn't as excited to see him, as he is to see him. He is so sensitive; sometimes I think he may be too sensitive, other times I think he is just that sweet. Dylan is so carefree, and such a happy little boy. I couldn't ask for a better kid. The world could really learn from a child like this. I know I am!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Flying Nugget

Dylan and I had just left the park in Mapleview. We stopped at the annual CRC rummage sale for a quick minute. I told Dylan he could pick one thing out. He browsed for a minute and decided on a Blue Clues Doll. Dylan also noticed a blow up chair for little people. He was testing it out and made sure I noticed him sitting in it as well. When I went to pay for his doll I noticed him still sitting in the chair so I said "Dylan you can only pick one thing. Which one do you want, blue clues or the chair." He quickly replied "Blues Clues" and got up from the blow up chair. After the quick stop at the sale we were on our way to look for sandals at target . As we were driving Dylan kept saying "Park." I said "No we are going to target first, then to a park". A little louder Dylan says "Park" again. I repeated myself "No we are going to target first." Leaving target, getting back to the car Dylan asks "Park?" I assured him that yes we are going to the park now, but I think we need to stop and get something in a drive thru to munch on first. He didn't seem very happy about the stop but it took less than 5 min. I handed Dylan his nuggets to eat on the way to the park to save him precious play time. I could see thru my rear view mirror that he had attitude all over his face so I finally asked him what was wrong. To my surprise a chicken nugget came flying into the front seat. I looked back up in the mirror and said "Did you just throw a chicken nugget at me?" With his arms stretched out and his palms up he replied "Wellllll. Park." I couldn't believe he was trying to justify throwing a chicken nugget at me because I didn't get him to the park fast enough. Does he realize he is lucky we are even going to the park- LOL.
I can't complain though. This is about the just of tantrums or attitude. Of course getting nuggets chucked at me isn't always going to fly (no pun intended) but everything seems to be cute the first time :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Today He Is A Puma...Tomorrow?

For last couple of months, Dylan likes to pretend that he is a dinosaur, puppy, or lion a good part of the day. Trying to scare us with his 'oh so scary' roarrrr. Recently he has started to be a bear, a monster, or a shark as well. I think it is pretty interesting that he is coming up with these different things for pretend play. Depending on what he is determines his actions. For instance crawling on all fours or the noises he thinks these animals make. One thing that does always stay the same is his 'oh so scary' roarrr. Boy that is fierce =) This morning when we got out of bed he started to roar at me so I said "What are we today?" He looked at me and said "Puma." I said. "Your a Puma?" He said "Uh Huh." Wow, I thought, the only reason I know what a Puma is because I have a pair of the shoes. LOL. I know that he learned this from Dora or Diego and I think that is great. Two thumbs up to the creator of these shows.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Little Echeo

The other day I was giving Dylan a bath.. He loves to take his baths in the sink, probably because he learned at Grandma Betty's he can squirt people with the hose. He has soaked all of us at least once, and finds this to be hilarious. Heath was also in the kitchen splashing around with Dylan. I told Dylan to stand up so I could wash him. While he was getting up a whole cup of water splashed out all over the floor and me. As I jumped back without thinking I said "Sh*t!" Immediately following my mistake, out shouted Dylan. "SH*T." Clear as a whistle. I don't know what it is with curse words and toddlers but they always seem to say those words perfectly clear. Right after Dylan said this Heath and I just looked at each other like oh great. Dylan eyed us both back and forth, looked down and said "Shoot" Of course that is when Heath and I starting rolling. Dylan smiled and began to repeat "Shoot" over and over. I don't think it is possible that Dylan knows he should say "shoot" instead of "sh*t" but it sure seemed that way to us.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Smarty Pants

Dylan received Thomas Flash cards from The Easter Grandma(Betty). He loves to show off to everyone that he knows all of the characters. I really am amazed by this. The first time we flipped through the cards he knew over 90% of the characters. And if you don't know Thomas the Tank Engine, believe me there are ALOT of characters. The neat thing about it is there are several engines that are the same colors and he can still tell the difference between them.

This last weekend Dylan was playing with his train set. One of the props from the set is tiny little luggage. Dylan walked into the bathroom holding it while I was getting ready and said "Purse" I just laughed and told him to show his Daddy. So he went walking up to his Daddy holding it between his fingers(like you would a purse) and said "Dad-dy, purse" I heard Daddy say "Oh no buddy that is luggage!" and proceeded to explain what luggage was used for. Having told this story I will now explain how Dylan amazed Uncle David with the flash cards. One of the cards is a picture of this same luggage prop, and of course the letter is "L" and the word is luggage. Mommy flipped over the card and said what is this. Dylan said "luggage" Uncle Dee was so impressed and our little show off just wiggled off to watch TV. I think that is pretty amazing that he just simply remembered what his Daddy told him a few days back.