Monday, April 27, 2009

The Flying Nugget

Dylan and I had just left the park in Mapleview. We stopped at the annual CRC rummage sale for a quick minute. I told Dylan he could pick one thing out. He browsed for a minute and decided on a Blue Clues Doll. Dylan also noticed a blow up chair for little people. He was testing it out and made sure I noticed him sitting in it as well. When I went to pay for his doll I noticed him still sitting in the chair so I said "Dylan you can only pick one thing. Which one do you want, blue clues or the chair." He quickly replied "Blues Clues" and got up from the blow up chair. After the quick stop at the sale we were on our way to look for sandals at target . As we were driving Dylan kept saying "Park." I said "No we are going to target first, then to a park". A little louder Dylan says "Park" again. I repeated myself "No we are going to target first." Leaving target, getting back to the car Dylan asks "Park?" I assured him that yes we are going to the park now, but I think we need to stop and get something in a drive thru to munch on first. He didn't seem very happy about the stop but it took less than 5 min. I handed Dylan his nuggets to eat on the way to the park to save him precious play time. I could see thru my rear view mirror that he had attitude all over his face so I finally asked him what was wrong. To my surprise a chicken nugget came flying into the front seat. I looked back up in the mirror and said "Did you just throw a chicken nugget at me?" With his arms stretched out and his palms up he replied "Wellllll. Park." I couldn't believe he was trying to justify throwing a chicken nugget at me because I didn't get him to the park fast enough. Does he realize he is lucky we are even going to the park- LOL.
I can't complain though. This is about the just of tantrums or attitude. Of course getting nuggets chucked at me isn't always going to fly (no pun intended) but everything seems to be cute the first time :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Today He Is A Puma...Tomorrow?

For last couple of months, Dylan likes to pretend that he is a dinosaur, puppy, or lion a good part of the day. Trying to scare us with his 'oh so scary' roarrrr. Recently he has started to be a bear, a monster, or a shark as well. I think it is pretty interesting that he is coming up with these different things for pretend play. Depending on what he is determines his actions. For instance crawling on all fours or the noises he thinks these animals make. One thing that does always stay the same is his 'oh so scary' roarrr. Boy that is fierce =) This morning when we got out of bed he started to roar at me so I said "What are we today?" He looked at me and said "Puma." I said. "Your a Puma?" He said "Uh Huh." Wow, I thought, the only reason I know what a Puma is because I have a pair of the shoes. LOL. I know that he learned this from Dora or Diego and I think that is great. Two thumbs up to the creator of these shows.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Little Echeo

The other day I was giving Dylan a bath.. He loves to take his baths in the sink, probably because he learned at Grandma Betty's he can squirt people with the hose. He has soaked all of us at least once, and finds this to be hilarious. Heath was also in the kitchen splashing around with Dylan. I told Dylan to stand up so I could wash him. While he was getting up a whole cup of water splashed out all over the floor and me. As I jumped back without thinking I said "Sh*t!" Immediately following my mistake, out shouted Dylan. "SH*T." Clear as a whistle. I don't know what it is with curse words and toddlers but they always seem to say those words perfectly clear. Right after Dylan said this Heath and I just looked at each other like oh great. Dylan eyed us both back and forth, looked down and said "Shoot" Of course that is when Heath and I starting rolling. Dylan smiled and began to repeat "Shoot" over and over. I don't think it is possible that Dylan knows he should say "shoot" instead of "sh*t" but it sure seemed that way to us.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Smarty Pants

Dylan received Thomas Flash cards from The Easter Grandma(Betty). He loves to show off to everyone that he knows all of the characters. I really am amazed by this. The first time we flipped through the cards he knew over 90% of the characters. And if you don't know Thomas the Tank Engine, believe me there are ALOT of characters. The neat thing about it is there are several engines that are the same colors and he can still tell the difference between them.

This last weekend Dylan was playing with his train set. One of the props from the set is tiny little luggage. Dylan walked into the bathroom holding it while I was getting ready and said "Purse" I just laughed and told him to show his Daddy. So he went walking up to his Daddy holding it between his fingers(like you would a purse) and said "Dad-dy, purse" I heard Daddy say "Oh no buddy that is luggage!" and proceeded to explain what luggage was used for. Having told this story I will now explain how Dylan amazed Uncle David with the flash cards. One of the cards is a picture of this same luggage prop, and of course the letter is "L" and the word is luggage. Mommy flipped over the card and said what is this. Dylan said "luggage" Uncle Dee was so impressed and our little show off just wiggled off to watch TV. I think that is pretty amazing that he just simply remembered what his Daddy told him a few days back.

Playing In The Nursery

Easter Sunday Grandma Betty, Dylan and I went to Church. Of course Dylan goes to the nursery while we are at the service and he loves it. When we pulled into the Church parking lot Dylan yelled 'Yeah Nursery" and started clapping. We couldn't get him in there fast enough. He has so much fun, and I am so happy that he is able to play with or at least be around other children. After Church on the drive home we asked Dylan what he did in the nursery today. He said he played trucks and church. I said. "You played church. How do you play church? Dylan replied back "Wellllll" placing his finger to his chin, "Hmmmm" I think he was really going to explain it to me, if he had the ability. If we wouldn't have been in the car I am sure he would have grabbed my finger and showed me exactly how you play church. =)

Dylan's 2nd Birthday Party

Dylan had a wonderful Birthday Party on April 9th. His Grandparents, Uncle David, Great Aunt Gail, Jenna, Lydia, Loren, Mommy & Daddy were there.

The day started off with Mommy singing Happy Birthday to Dylan, which I think he just thought I was silly. Then he started getting his phone calls from his Daddy, Grandma's & Grandpa's. I think by this time he started to think he was pretty special. He had this smirk on his face for a good rest of the day. Especially since on one of his favorite shows(Cailou) it just happened to be Cailou's Birthday on this episode. Dylan really thought that was neat!

His party started at 6, this was a good time, since he was born at 6:05. Lauren & Lydia taught Dylan how to play tag, so we played this until the Pizza arrived. He was having so much fun running up to everyone and saying "Your it!' and running away. Everyone got their turn chasing Dylan around. It was very cute and fun. After pizza of course we had cake and ice cream. This year Dylan was a little more into eating the cake then he was his 1st Birthday. He still didn't really like the idea of getting his hands messy but enjoyed sticking his face in it. He wanted to kiss everyone with his frosted face, but right after the kiss he would say "hey" like you stole some of my frosting. That was adorable.

Dylan received a lot of wonderful presents. Of course Daddy and Mommy thought it was too much, but we helped with that problem as well =)

Dylan got a "Cars" Tire Bank that Vroom's when you put money in it, a Thomas Wooden Train Track, a children's computer, several Thomas Wooden Trains, A "Cars: Fishing Pole and Life Jacket, A Handy Manny Tool Set, Clothes, Money, a Tricycle, and Interactive Dog named Biscuit. He loved everything so much and you could just tell he felt so busy.

The next morning when we got up and went downstairs he must not have been sure his new toys were going to still be there because when he saw them he yelled "YEAH"

Friday, April 10, 2009

He Even Speaks Dog

Last weekend at the nursing home Dylan was saying his goodbye's to everyone. This age is so cute because they try to say everyones names to the best of their ability. This age is also quiet scary because they are walking echoes. Watch what you say =) I should also mention that Dylan loves to be a puppy. He crawls around on the ground barking and much to my disliking, even licking things. He loves to get treats and sometimes he will even do tricks for them. Anyway back to saying his good-byes. He said bah-bye to Great-Grandma, some Aunts & cousins, but he forgot Molly or as Dylan would say Mowey, my Aunt Kathy's dog. When they reminded him he forgot to say bye to Molly he looked over at her and said "Arf! Arf!" Of course everyone was rolling with laughter. What a good puppy he is!!!!