Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Funny's Over The Past Crazy Few Weeks

Little brother. Little brother. Do you know how smart I am?

Dylan told me babies are nocturnal

Dylan told Grandpa & Grandma W that they should have brought his pillow pet bunny to see his baby brother.

Dylan has a stuffed monkey he got on Valentine's Day that he calls Lovey Dovey. One day Grandma Jean and Dylan were upstairs in his room & Dylan said "Lovey Dovey I have a baby brother downstairs. You want to come see?"

Dylan told Grandma Jean that Grandpa started the stock car up and it scared the hell out of him.

Dylan told me he was losing weight because he hasn't been doing his weights. He then said I better start doing my push ups again.

Daddy takes care of Mommy. Mommy takes care of me. And I take care of Keenan.

Dylan kisses Keenan at bedtime and says "Goodnight my little Angel"

Dylan told Grandma Jean one day when she got to our place "My Mommy and baby brother were fighting about milk"

The first time Dylan saw me in the hospital after the birth of Keenan he hugged me real tight and said "Mommy I am so glad you are back to normal!"
Then the day I got home from the hospital he saw me in a tight shirt and said "Mommy you are still pregnant....is that my baby sister?"

While visiting me at the hospital he told my nurses "I will see you next year when my mommy has my baby sister."

My Mommy Does All Those Things

Grandma Jean & Dylan were on their way to the nursing home when they came to a stop light that was turning yellow. A cop sitting at the other light made the decision for Grandma to stop suddenly. Dylan asked her why she stopped so fast. She replied beacuse I didn't want to get a ticket from that cop. Dylan wanted to know if the cop was out looking for bad people. Grandma said the cop was probably watching for people who were speeding, going through red lights or stop signs. Dylan's reply was "My Mommy does all of those things."

Later Dylan told Grandma Jean he was going to be a cop when he gets older; he then looked at her and said "You know they're not bad people."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Best Big Brother EVER

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.
Dylan loves his baby brother so much. He is constantly kissing and hugging him. He is such a good helper as well. When Keenan is crying, usually due to wanting to eat and wanting it NOW; Dylan will run to him and start talking to him & Keenan will stop crying & stare at his big brother. It is adorable to watch as this special bond grows.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Art Project

Dylan loved his first day of preschool.  Very excited to go back. 

First Day of Preschool

Dylan told his teacher "I really don't have to be here because I already know everything. "

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Proud Big Brother

Keenan Chris Greenlee Aug 28th
10 lbs 8oz.  21. 5 inches
Right when Dylan laid eyes on his brother he looked so happy.  Wanted to hold him right away and this is the exact moment capture.  He is loving every moment, and being a wonderful big brother, just like I thought he would be.