Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dragon Tales & The Gov't Shutdown

Dylan and Grandma Jean were playing with his toy dragons & dinosaurs.  He has this two headed dragon and Grandma told him that she had never seen a two headed dragon before.  "Yes you have Grandma, in the cartoon Dragon Tales, remember Zak and Weezy." Dylan said.  "Oh that is right. Grandma replied. "I wondered why they took that cartoon off the air?"Grandma asked.  "I think it was because of the Government shutdown." Dylan replied.   

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Time On A WaterSlide

I asked Dylan if he wanted to go down the waterslide when we got to the St. Ansgar pool.  He said no, but 20 min later he came up to me and told me he wanted to go down the slide now.  I took him to the top and returned to the bottom for a picture.  He loved it and went a couple other times, before he ended up sideways coming down the last stretch.  I am sure he will be back on the waterslide the next time we go.  My little guy is getting so brave....and trying lots of new things

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heart-shaped Fireworks

Heath and the kids went to the fireworks with Grandma Jean and Grandpa David on the 4th of July, Mommy was at work.  We took the kids the night before.  Of course the 4th puts on a way better show.  During the fireworks one of the ones shot up into the air was heart-shaped.  Dylan looked over at Grandma and said  “Grandma, I think they seen me and you and they made a that."  Isn't he the sweetest kid ever!

Are You Going To Race Them?

Dylan, Keenan and I were at a stop light in our new vehicle, which Dylan absolutely loves.  A car full of younger boys pulls up to us and started revving up the engine.  Dylan asks what they were doing?  "I think they want to race your Mommy." I said.  "Are you going to race them?" Dylan asked.  "Welllll yeahhh." I replied.  Of course I don't even have to say who won......I have racing running thru my veins...LOL!  I should mention that I did not exceed 35-40 mph.  Dylan was laughing so hard in the back seat "Silly silly guy, trying to race YOU in a car like THIS."  Dylan said with such seriousness.  I couldn't stop laughing.

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Dylan had such a good time at family fun @ the park.  This year he did everything, well except the rock climbing because "No way, that is too DANGEROUS" I was so impressed with him.  The big blow up slide I wasn't sure he would go on and he did.  Then we came to the National Guard obstacle course, which looked a little "big" for Dylan, but he wanted to do it and he did awesome.  It was so fun watching him have so much fun.  He went up and down the obstacle course several, several times, and he even got to race mommy once; and win!  He was a good sport and went in the smaller kids blow up castle with KBug and even went on the train with his little brother as well.  Of course the favorite from last year, racing the mini go-karts.  He is so funny to watch because he is really racing.  Watching over his shoulder, trying to cut corners and even doing a little bumping.  I think watching Dylan do this was the favorite for his Uncle David =) 
All I have to say about the parade is candy, candy, and more candy!
Dylan was super excited to go watch the fireworks he said to me "Mom if I fall asleep for a little bit you have to wake me up to go to the fireworks, promise." He really enjoyed running up and down the hill before they started.  And of course he loved the fireworks.....covered his ears during the finale, but had a smile on his face all the while.   When we got home he said lets light off the rest of our fireworks but quickly decided that bed sounded better.