Friday, March 26, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dylan & his Build-A-Bear Camo

When Dylan was done making Camo he said "He is perfect!" I couldn't agree more. Dylan did a great job and had so much fun doing it.
"He is perfect" is the exact same thing I said the first time I held my Baby too!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look At Me I Am Katie

On Friday Feb 26 my cousin Katie had a basketball game at AHS so some of the family went to watch her. I met my Mom and Dylan there. As I had mentioned Dylan does not like loud noises. When I arrived I saw that Grandma was holding her hands over Dylan ears. After awhile Dylan did get a little more used to it. There was a kid, quiet a bit older than Dylan that walked by us. As he walked by Dylan patted on the bench next to him and said "sit by me". But the kid continued past and climbed up the bleachers a couple rows up and over from us. All the while Dylan watching him and still patting on the bench next to him. I saw the kid move over and pat at the seat next to him and oh boy so did Dylan. He rushed right up there telling me he was going to go sit by his friend - LOL! When Dylan got up there we heard him telling the kid. "That is my Mommy, my Grandma, Kathy, Jackie, Grandma Bentzin and Brad. We are watching Katie. She is right there", trying to find her on the court to point at her. Needless to say Dylan does not have a shy bone in him.
When we arrived at home Dylan was running around in circles showing his Daddy how to play basketball. He would run and pretending he was dribbling a ball and holler "Look at me I am Katie. Say good job Katie" He did this straight for the whole weekend. He ran ran ran and he was always Katie. "Look at me I am Katie" "Say good job Katie" "Way to go Katie" That whole weekend he was Katie the All-Star basketball player and still when basketball gets mentioned or Dylan decides to play basketball once again he is Katie =)

I Am Not Having Very Good Luck

Uncle Dee decided to take Dylan for a stroll around the block.  Dylan driving his jeep and Uncle Dee walking beside him.  First they had to get the jeep out of the garage.  I have to mention that Dylan does not like loud noises,  As they were getting the jeep out of the garage the air compressor turned on.  Then when they were coming down the driveway Grandma's car horn started honking.  As they were going up the road a loud truck drove by.  Dylan looked at Uncle Dee "We better go back in the house.  I am not having very good luck."  Later that night Uncle Dee called to share this story with me and tell me how much Dylan amazes and scares him with his brains and understanding of so much.  While Dee was on the phone I asked Dylan if he was having bad luck today.  "Yes" Dylan replied.  Well why I asked.  "Grandpa's machine, Grandmas horn and a big loud roar" Dylan replied with a very serious face.  I just hugged him and laughed.  I guess Dylan is going to be one of those people that knocks on wood.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Try To Be A Little More Focused

Grandma Jean and Dylan were playing yesterday with the butter containers that Grandma saves for Dylan's enjoyment. Grandma was trying to stack a bunch of the containers on top of one another when they all came tumbling down. Dylan says "That's ok Grams, try to be a little more focused." Where does this kids come up with this stuff. He sure makes us laugh!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

It Looks Like You Are Dancing

This weekend Heath and I took Dylan to play at MainStreet.  There was a man there watching his son and he was using the pole on the jungle gym to stretch.  This obviously grabbed Dylan's attention so he wiggled his little way over to him "Why are you climbing on that pole?" Dylan asked.  "I am not, I am stretching." replied the man.  "It looks like you are dancing." Dylan replied back. 

The Dog Food

Dylan loves to dump Bear's dog food out. It has become a regular routine on our visits; sometimes happening 2-3 times per visit. Gma or Gpa will try to get Dylan to pick the food up on his own but end up helping him do so and usually just before the food is completely picked up Dylan dumps it again with a giggle. Dylan enjoys feeding the food to Bear one by one. This is part of the game. Yesterday afternoon Dylan and Gma where in the kitchen when Dylan told Gma to go in the living room because he had to do something. Grandma asked him well what do you have to do. Dylan replied "The dog food."