Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Swimming - Lauren's Birthday Party

Dylan and I went to Lauren's Birthday party on Sunday Feb 15 at the Holiday Inn. Dylan arrived with the flowers for the Birthday girl- yes I am teaching him right. Lauren was already in the pool so Dylan was very eager to get his trunks on and go swimming too. At first he was a little hesitant to get in, so we starting in the kiddy pool, which he wasn't sure about that either. We haven't been swimming since Summer and he loved it then so I knew he just needed a little time to adjust. I don't mind that I haven't had to do like my mother did and jump in the water fully clothed because David and I would just run and jump in water whenever we saw it. We loved the water. David jumped in the deep end a couple times. When my mom would pull him out he would look at her and say "I was swimming Mama" Not really David but whatever :) LOLDylan liked to sit on the edge of the kiddy pool kicking and splashing. We did this for awhile and finally made our way to the big pool. We all had a blast. There was a ton of kids in the pool and Dylan just loves being around and watching others. Jenna's nephew Michael kept swimming under water and popping up right by Dylan and he found that hilarious. At first he was really concerned when he went under water and wasn't coming up right away. He looked at me and said "HELP". Then Michael popped up and Dylan realized this was a game and Michael didn't need any help. There was one girl there, I believe an older cousin of Lauren's that Dylan sure seemed to like. He would smile at her and try to make his way by her in the pool. After we got out of the pool and dressed whenever he saw her he would follow her everywhere. He is such a little flirt.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Hulk

Dylan received some gifts from his Uncle Dee and Auntie Stephanie yesterday....yes for no reason. As if he doesn't have enough presents, but they love their nieces and nephews and enjoy giving them gifts. He got a Aqua Doodle which he loved. Very very cool! I know he will spend hours and hours playing with that. I can already see Heath and him fighting over the water pen. Dylan doesn't like to share his crayons with his daddy, yet he wants his daddy to sit right next to him and watch him color. But no, no, no, coloring for daddy :-) He also got an Incredible Hulk toy that moves, punches and says different phrases ex. "Hulk has muscles in his muscles" One of the things it says when it is dipped over is "Oh no Hulk fell down! Can you please help me up?" This phrase happens to be Dylan's favorite. This morning Dylan was playing with Hauk on the kitchen floor while I was making breakfast and I heard Hulk asked for help after Dylan pushed him over....I hear Dylan say "uh huh" to the Hulk. He then proceeded to snuggle the Hulk into his chest and rock back and fourth while saying BooBoo. He looked so sweet consoling him.....after he pushed him over

25 Random Things

25- I think if I til my head to one side I can get whatever I want
24- I love fruit snacks and enjoy feeding them to my Daddy, but do not like it if he eats them otherwise
23- I have everyone wrapped around my finger and I know it. Grandpa Wytaske is the only one who thinks otherwise - but we all know the truth.
22- I am King of the Remote
21- I love Thomas the Tank, Racecars & Dinosaurs
20- I am the youngest candy-striper at St Marks Nursing Home where my Great Grandma Bentzin is
19- Whenever I have a phone in my hand I am talking to Uncle Dee(David)
18- I hollering Jenna's(Nen-na) name as soon as we turn our car into the Target parking lot until we get in the store and find her.
17- Everynight before going to bed I have to sprawl out across Daddy's side of the bed and giggle, sometimes I act like I mean business.
16- My favorite song is Old McDonald because I can sing it
15- I love to run from my Mommy or Daddy whenever they are trying to change me or get me dressed.
14- I have to help my Grandma Wytaske whenever she puts ice in her water bottle. As soon as I hear the ice tray I come running. Grandma makes me wash my hands before I help her.
13- I know the difference between a flat head and a phillips.
12- I am very attached to my Nookie and I get mad at my Mommy when she doesn't let me have it.(I don't think it is just for bedtime! why do things have to change?)
11- I think it is really funny when I make my Grandpa Greenlee lay down and take a nap. I have to get stren with him when he sometimes doesn't listen.
10- I know more sign language than anyone I know
9- I love getting books read to me
8- I love to brush my teeth
7- I looked like Elvis when I was born - well my hair anyways
6- I have pooped in the potty once - and peed twice. I like to tell my mommy and daddy I have to go all day long
5- I holler for Help all the time
4- I get so excited when I play with people my size
3- I have a couple girlfriends...they don't mind
2- I love almost every fruit
1- Whenever someone tells me No - I whine for my Dad-dy, because he never tells me no.

Hold Your Britches

His morning Dylan and I were laying in bed and Dylan decided it was time to get up and go downstairs. So I got out of bed and stepped into the bathroom for a minute. I looked up and Dylan is trying to get out of bed. Our bed is really high and Dylan can't get out of bed by himself. I said "No no just wait". So he stops and just decides to stand up in the bed. I told him "Dylan hold your britches." Without hesitation Dylan grabbed on to his diaper and looked at me. I busted out laughing, so Dylan started laughing, while still holding his britches. He is so funny!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Talking On The Phone

Dylan loves to pretend like he is talking on the phone. He uses his Thomas phone but his personal favorite is mommy or daddy's cell phones. Whenever you ask him who is talking to he says"Dee" even if Uncle David is right next to him. He is so funny. Sometimes when we are at home I will say ok lets call Uncle Dee so you can talk to him. When it really comes down to talking to the person he usually listens for a minute to them talk...says hi and takes off running, or looks at the phone like wow. It is so funny when he talks to the grandparents because right when they start talking to them he kisses the phone. He loves his grandparents so much. Whenever he talks to Grandma Betty he always shakes his head yes..and then kisses the phone. Grandma Betty always says to him, 'are you my little love bug" and he shakes his head in agreement . It is when she asks him if he is being a good boy when he takes off running :-)
Dylan loves it when Mommy or Daddy talk to Thomas on his Thomas Phone. He sits and listens to us tell Thomas what he is doing or has done for the day. Along with what a good boy he is being. Dylan will point at different things for us to tell Thomas or try to tell us what to say to Thomas. If we hang with Thomas before we told him everything he wanted us to or didn't tell him that Dylan has been such a good boy we always have to call back. It works out really good for us because sometimes I tell Thomas that Dylan isn't listening to Mommy very good today and Dylan really stops to think about it and I don't think he wants Thomas to think he is naughty boy so he quickly changes his ways....for awhile :-) All in all; he really is a GOOD GOOD BOY! We are very lucky to have such a healthy, happy, good little Turkey!