Thursday, January 5, 2012

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

I got home from work at 10pm on Christmas Eve and Dylan welcomed me at the door with his beautiful grin.  "You knew I would still be up didn't you Mommy?"  I told him yes but the sooner he goes to sleep the sooner morning will arrive and that Santa Claus comes tonight (continued with me singing Santa Claus is Coming To Town) "You are so silly Mommy" But seeing the excitement in his eyes are some the moments that make my life beautiful. While we were waiting for 6 news to verify Santa's location Dylan had to pour Santa his milk and get him some cookies.  When I saw 4 cookies on the plate I told him that Santa might be upset he has 4 cookies because he has to eat cookies at every house.  "Well that is on dad, he is the one who got them for me." Dylan replied with such seriousness.  What a character.  I tucked him into bed and soon he was sound asleep.  That morning KBug was the first one awake.  He even knew something exciting was happening today. I usually shut Dylan's door so KBug can't bang on Dylan's head but since it was already after 9am  I didn't stop Keenan from going in Dylan's room but told him not to touch him.  A few seconds later I hear this loud noise coming from Dylan's room.  Keenan was standing in the middle of Dylan's room with his maracas going crazy.  Dylan was awake before I even got in there.  I think he was about to make his normal scowl when he realized "CHRISTMAS."   So he jumped up and ran to the living room.  Sure enough Santa came last night.  So the 3 of us headed downstairs to attack the Daddy monster.  Keenan was the first attacker.  Dylan soon jumped in and before they new it Daddy was awake.  Needless to say Dylan was very happy that it was Christmas and he could finally play his 3DS that Santa was bringing him.  Christmas Eve when I told Dylan it wouldn't be long before he got to see what Santa was bringing him.  He told me he knew what he was getting because he only asked for 1 thing, and he was a really good boy.  Santa did surprise him with a steering wheel for the DS, some fun stocking stuffers and a BATMAN ornament, which Dylan thought was soooo cool.