Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ask My Butt

Tonight when I was getting Dylan in his car seat I heard a long loud rumble come from him. "What was that?" I asked. "I don't know! Ask my butt." Dylan replied. My stomach hurt so bad when I was able to stop laughing. What a character :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sing It Mom

I am not tone deaf...I can hear what I sound like, and its not good; this is why I don't ever sing. That is until I had Dylan. It is amazing the things we do for our children. =) When Dylan was a baby I used to feel sorry for him having to listen to Mommy singing, but I figured hearing my voice would be soothing for him.. Lately he is constantly asking us to sing the Thomas theme song to him. Since Mommy is the only one that knows the whole song, I am the lucky one that gets to sing it to him every 5 seconds. He loves to listen to Mommy sing. LOL!!! I turn it into a game for us. I will sing part of the song, stopping to let Dylan sing another part. It really is fun for Dylan, but I wished he didn't ask me to sing it when we were around other people =)
This morning when we were watching Mickey Mouse Club I was just getting Dylan's shoes on when the famous "Hot Dog" song started. This is probably every kids favorite part. Dylan was so serious when he pointed at me while getting up from his chair to dance and said "You better sing it Mom!"
Oh yes and the Mom thing...that is a whole other issue....I am Mommy, not Mom. He is to young to call me Mom. Although I have to admit. When he says "I Love You too Mom" at night when I tuck him in; that still sounds as sweet as it could ever be. Sometimes he just sounds like such a big boy when he says Mom to be instead of Mommy! tear tear!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What A Busy Day

Dylan was ready for his nap today; he just never fell asleep. Sometimes I think he gets his second wind while laying in his crib.. Later in the afternoon I dropped him off at Grandma Jeans (Betty) around 4 p.m. on my way to work. Both Grandma and Grandpa noticed Dylan looked tired but he wanted to take a stroller ride and we all know Dylan usually gets what he wants....especially from his Grandma's and Grandpa's =) Grandma said Dylan didn't even ask to stop at either of the parks on their walk so she knew he would be ready to lay down when they got home. As soon as they got in the door Dylan asked for his milk and climbed on the couch. He didn't fall asleep right away; first he had to chat with Grandma. "Why didn't you have a nap early today? " Grandma asked. "What a busy day." Dylan replied. "A busy day doing what?" Grandma asked. "Busy playing." Dylan replied back. He couldn't be more right. Dylan is a very, very busy little boy!!!!

I Don't Know

A couple months back...Dylan's reply to almost everything I told him was "I know." http://dylanelijah.blogspot.com/2009/03/dylans-2-new-favorite-things-to-say.html I swear he knew everything =) Most recently he claims to not know anything. Still at 27 months dumping Mommy or Daddy's pop over is still fun. Even knowing there will be consequence he loves to do this. Of course he doesn't know why he does it. He looks so serious when he replies "I DON'T KNOW" shrugging his shoulders a bit. It is really amusing when he answers me with "I don't know. " Then saying it again under his breath "I just don't know" I think he realized not knowing anything is a lot easier than knowing everything. =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dylan's Playdate With Grayson

Yesterday we picked up Dylan's friend Grayson for a play date. We thought it would be fun to take the boys to Rose Creek so Dylan could show his buddy the rabbits, horses, and take him on a golf cart ride to see the cows and the big trucks...which all boys love. Grayson of course was excited to see Dylan but not so excited to get in a car with us, leaving behind his mommy. We were able to get him in the car beginning our journey but not without tears. It was so sweet though; Dylan kept saying "Its ok Grayson. Its ok I promise we have fun." When we arrived in Rose Creek Heath reminded Dylan he should go show Grayson the rabbits; from than on out it was all giggles. You could tell Dylan was so excited to have a friend with him. They had so much fun running and playing together. On our golf cart ride Heath and I really enjoyed listening to the boys talk, grunt, and moo at each other. It was quiet interesting.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh Come On

"Oh come on Mom" or "Oh come on Dad" Dylan's response to anyone telling him no. Although if you have read any of my previous entries you all know that Daddy doesn't use that word very often. =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

You Have Brown, I Have Blue?

Dylan noticed last night that Mommy doesn't have blue eyes, and neither does Daddy.  We were all playing together when Dylan strangely looked at me placing his hands on my chin.  "Mommy, you have brown eyes?" Dylan said.  Quickly  he turned his attention away from me on to his Daddy. "Daddy have blue eyes?" Dylan asked while grabbing Heaths face to get a look at his eyes.  Dylan turned and looked back at me, then back to Heath.  He seemed a bit confused.  "What color are your eyes?  I asked.  Dylan sadly replied "Blue"   Even as smart as he is I didn't figure I should "try" to explain genetics to him ;)  so I just told him Mommy and Daddy's  brown eyes made your beautiful blue eyes.  He smiled, kissed me and returned to play.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Thomas Stories

I could hear Dylan counting from his crib.  "One car,  two cars, three cars, four cars, five cars, a thousand cars."  I entered the room.  "A thousand cars?" I said  "Uh huh. A thousand Thomas cars."  
Dylan has a Thomas The Tank  mural on the wall above his crib.   I love to sit and listening to him describe the scene from this picture just after he has woke up, or just before he falls asleep.   Having watched "every" episode of Thomas listening to his stories are very interesting.  He describes each character and what he thinks they are doing, or on their way to do.  "Here comes grumpy Diesel" We can hear off in the distance. Heath and I just look at each other with these proud, glowing smiles.  Dylan is definitely our little bit of heaven right here on earth. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spring 2009 & Spring 2008.

Give It Back

I think...no I know that I kiss Dylan too much; but is that really possible. Well anyway he is always covering his mouth and saying "No kisses Mom." I'm pretty crafty though so I sneak in for the kiss anyway. Dylan will then say "Give it back" I love this...because guess what I get to kiss him again. LOL!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Get Back In Your Room

Dylan and Grandma Betty were down to visit Great Grandma at the nursing home and they took her outside for awhile. When they went back inside they asked Great Grandma if she wanted to stay out in the hall or if she wanted to go to her room. She said that she wanted to go to her room because she would be going to bed pretty soon. Dylan wanted to go home, but they needed to take Grandma to her room first because she had to go to bed. After the hugs and kisses they started leaving Great Grandma's room and she started to follow them. They got out in the hall and Dylan turned around and pointed at Great Grandma and said "Get back in your room. You have to go to bed." He even grabbed on to the front of her wheelchair and started pushing her back in. He had this determined look on his face. Both Great Grandma and Grandma started laughing and when Robby(St Mark's employee) realized what was going on he started laughing too. I'm not sure if Dylan was afraid that they were going to have to stay some more and he wanted to go play at Grandma's or if he was just imitating his Grandpa when it is time for his nap. I can see Grandpa saying you get back on that couch and go to bed.

Daddy Would

I try to only allow Dylan one juice a day, but he always wants more. The other day he handed me his cup and said "More juice please." I said "No, you just finished your juice. You don't need anymore. " He looked at me and said "Daddy would!"

Dylan wanted a cookie and Grandma gave him the other half of my cookie. Dylan looked at the cookie; handed it back to Grandma and said "No, a fresh one!"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday MY Grandma

This morning Dylan called Grandma Betty at work to sing her Happy Birthday. We have been practicing all week. She didn't answer so Dylan sang to her voice mail. He changes the words in the song a little. He doesn't say Happy Birthday Dear Grandma(like I taught him) He says Happy Birthday MY Grandma! Which is way cuter. Of course Grandma loved her message and Dylan sang to her again at lunch time when we brought her balloons and a cupcake.


This morning I told Dylan we need to step outside to check the temperature. When we got outside Dylan looked at me and said "I don't see him. I don't see temperature."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top Toe Tiffy

A couple weekends ago Dylan and I went over to my friends Tiffany and Zippy's house. He was having a lot of fun running and playing in the yard with Zippy =) Since then Dylan has been asking to go over to Zippy's house almost everyday. The first time he asked I told him that Zippy was working. So the next day Dylan asked me if Top Toe was working. I said Top Toy? He looked at me and said No, Top Toe Tiffy. Those of you who know Tiffany will understand how Dylan came up with the name. I couldn't stop laughing. Everyday Dylan asks about Zippy and Top Toe Tiffy.

Right Here In My Mouth

Dylan was playing house with Daddy and Mommy last night. He was traveling on his tricycle across the living room from Daddy's house to Mommy's house. He would stop and visit with each of us for a few minutes. When he returned to my house I asked him if he had a present for me. "Yes, it is right here in my mouth!" he said
"In your mouth." I said. "Yes, a kiss." he said
Awww that is the best present I could ever ask for!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today Dylan just flat out told grandpa "I just can't sleep grandpa" And yes Grandpa fell for it.

Come Here Daddy

Last night while we were laying in bed Dylan hollered downstairs to his daddy "Daddy, come here."Dylan said. "What for buddy." Heath replied. After a long pause "Fight you" Dylan said. Heath laughs "No Buddy it is bed time." So mommy whispers to Dylan "Call Daddy a chicken" Of course Dylan likes to be in control and he decides what he says so he had to add to it. "Come here, chicken boy." Dylan said. This got a huge chuckle out of both mommy and daddy. I then told Dylan to bawk at Daddy. Instead Dylan hollers "Cock-a-doo, cock-a-doo." He sure has a mind of his own.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If Mommys Says No, Ask Daddy

The other night Dylan asked me for juice. I told him no he could have water because he has already had enough juice. He asked a couple more times before realizing that I wasn't giving in. Dylan ended up going into the living room and whispering to his Daddy for juice. Heath couldn't hear what he was saying. Dylan kept whispering something to Heath and watching carefully to make sure Mommy wasn't coming. In the meantime I had went upstairs...this is when Dylan took quick action grabbing Daddy's hand bringing him into the kitchen. Finally his Daddy realized what Dylan wanted. As Daddy was getting the juice Mommy came walking down the stairs. Dylan bolted out of the kitchen leaving his Daddy holding the juice. If Mommy says no - Go ask Daddy when Mommy isn't looking! LOL!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

25 Random Things - Part 2

25- I can count to ten
24- I know all the residents in Wing 1 by name at Great Grandma's nursing home.
23- I refer to my boy and girl friends differently- girls are "my friends" and boys are "my buddies"
22- I could play in the sand box for hours and I do
21- I know how to cast and reel a fishing pole
20- I love buggy rides (stroller)
19- I know almost every animal - sharks, whales, tortuous, coyote, puma etc....
18- I know all the characters from Thomas the Train. -Rail, Road, or Air
17-My favorite book is "My Little LoveBug" and my grandma reads it to me all the time
16- I can say Bon Jour and I know what it means
15- I refer to everyone as Super Mommy, Super Daddy, Super G'ma & G'pa. And Uncle David is Big Dee, sometimes Super Big Dee
14- I ask if we can go to the park everyday and I refer to them by the colors they are so Mommy knows which park I would like to go to
13- I love to tease Bear (G'ma&G'pa Greenlees dog)
12- I get to go on golf cart rides around Rose Creek whenever I want.
11- I want to race people all the time!
10- My favorite shows at the moment are Dora, Super Why, Wonder Pets, Handy Manny and Cailou
9- I call my Mommy's car "The MamaStang" I learned that from Daddy
8- I know the difference between a Big Truck and a Big Mack Truck!!! I also learned this from my Daddy!
7- I can speak in at least 5 word sentences
6- I can sing part of my alphabet -
5- One of my favorite things to do is play trains with Grandpa- We have a big Thomas Wooden Railway
4- I have 4 blankets that have to go to bed with me, and get out of bed with me.
3- I know which Grandparents house we are going to depending on which way we go on the freeway.
2- Tickle time is one of my favorite times!!!
1- I still know that I can get whatever I want when I ask Daddy (I just know now that I have to make sure Daddy gets it for me before Mommy sees or hears)

A Couple of Stories That Say Im Two

Dylan and his Daddy were having a bit of fight about Dylan staying seated in his chair when we were eating at Grandma and Grandpa Greenlees. Most of our issues with Dylan happen at dinner time. Usually because he doesn't want to eat, or try something new. During this little episode Dylan ending up slapping at his Daddy, and Mommy saw. Not good for Dylan; since Mommy is the hard one =) Right away I jumped into the conversation. Dylan ending up raising his hand towards me. "Don't you dare hit me" I said. The little stinker paused for a second, but then continued through with his raised hand connecting with my arm and said "Tag your it!" with a sly smile.

Yesterday when I got to my parents to pick Dylan up they were all eating ice cream cones from The Point. I asked Dylan where Mommy's ice cream cone was. He replied "At the store."