Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mommy vs. Dora

This morning Dylan and I were laying in bed when I tried cuddling up to him.  He pushed me away as if I was bothering him.  "I am just trying to cuddle with you." I said.  "And I am just trying to watch Dora." he replied.  "Oh well excuse me." I said while rolling back over to my side.  I guess I should know better than to mess with Dylan when Dora is on. LOL!!!

The Sweetest Boy EVER

Tuesday night Dylan and I were laying in bed.  He had his head resting on my pillow, forehead pressed against mine.  Laying his hand on my cheek he looked at me and said "Mama, you make me so happy."  He is the sweetest little boy EVER.  Yes I am  forever putty in his hands. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grandma's Home! Grandma's Home!

Yesterday Grandma Betty left work early because she was going to get her lawn mowed.  When she opened the sliding door she peeked in and there was Dylan on the couch suppose to be taking a nap, but he was wide awake.  He got this great big smile on his face and said, "Are you home from work Grandma?" and then he started yelling really loud, "Grandpa, Grandpa! Grandma's home! Grandma's home!"  He was so excited because he knew now that Grandma was home that she would start playing with him instead of making him take a nap.  Naturally the lawn didn't get mowed. Grandma and Dylan went down to the nursing home to visit Great Grandma Bentzin.  Dylan was entertaining Great Grandma Bentzin telling her the names of all his Thomas and Friends engines.  He knows them all. Then they went down to watch the birds, but Dylan noticed that the volunteers were helping the residents bowl in the living room, so they had to go check that out.  Grandma Bentzin doesn't like to bowl, but she watches.  When it was Gladys's turn, Dylan would shout "Good Job Gladys" after she rolled her ball.  Gladys had the best score at the end, so she got to wear the Champion hat for the day.  Dylan looked over at her "Way to go, Gladys." he said.  She is the one Dylan gives high fives to every time he's there.  When they were ready to go home, Dylan turned at the door and said "Bye, people."  Grandma Betty says, The joy in all their faces when they see him come through the door makes up for all the running she has to do to keep up with him.  She doesn't know who gets more wore out, her or him. 

Such A Fun Day

Saturday the 18th of July both Heath and I had to work early in the morning so Grandma Betty came to our place to watch Dylan.  I am sure waking up to his Grandma was part of  his 'fun' day.  Another bonus to the day was probably Grandma's pancakes in the morning instead of Mama's.  I don't know what it is but it seems 'Grandma's' pancakes are always the best.  After breakfast Dylan and Grandma went to Toys R' Us to get James The Tank Engine.  Grandma Betty promised Dylan this engine if he sat like a good boy for his haircut that his Daddy took him to the previous Thursday.  And of course he was a good boy =)
Dylan called me from Toys R Us, "I want this Thomas bed! he exclaimed.  I knew exactly what bed he was talking about too.  I have seen this bed and thought how cute it would look in Dylan's already decorated Thomas room.  But unless we need his crib before he needs a toddler bed.  I don't think he will be getting it because his crib turns into a toddler bed.  Of course James wasn't the only thing that Dylan got at Toys R' Us.  He also got a Thomas back pack, which came with a Thomas lunch kit, and he got a caboose that plays the Thomas theme song when you press it.  Every time Dylan presses the caboose and the songs starts playing he looks at Grandma and says "Thank you so much Grandma".  Obviously he really loves this toy. 
We also had a family picnic scheduled in Owatonna at my Aunt Janet's house. The picnic didn't start until 3 so Heath and I were able to go, we just arrived late.  Dylan had such a good time run, run, running all over the place, playing with the bubbles in the pool, throwing the bocce balls around the yard, and just simply entertaining everyone.  On the way home he was so tired.  Before falling fast asleep Dylan took his nookie out of his mouth and said "I had such a fun day Daddy."  He sure did!!

About An Hour

This morning I awoke at 8:58 a.m. (which is rather late) to the sound of my little Stinker hollering "Mama" like he does every morning.  I walked into his room to see him standing up in his crib.   "How long have you been up, Turkey?" I asked.  Shrugging his shoulders "About an hour."  he replied.  I had to laugh because for a split second I checked his walls for a clock; like he can tell time.  He didn't have his normal sleepy face and sometimes he does like to lay in his crib for awhile before hollering for me; but for a whole hour.  Could he possible have the concept of an hour at his age?  He is usually awake a little after 8 a.m. every morning so his calculation seemed correct. LOL.  He sure does have us all wondering =) 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Dylan was at the big park with his Grandpa Dave.  He ending up getting his hands full of mud so Grandpa took him over to the drinking fountain to wash up.  "Hmm....concrete." Dylan said.   "What did you say?" Grandpa asked.   "Concrete." Dylan replied pointing at the fountain. 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Is It A Monster

Fun Days was going on in Rose Creek this weekend so Dylan's proud Daddy and I were able to take him to the park and show him off to Daddy's old classmates/friends.    Of course Dylan was a good boy and made us proud.   There was a couple different times when people stated "Wow he talks so well for two."  So I know it  isn't just me being a proud mama; to say the least,  I know I am  =)  Dylan is very talkative and does have a wide vocabulary for a two year old.  Every once in awhile Dylan played the shy boy; usually around the pretty girls, but it didn't take him long to come out of this fake shell.  LOL!!!   I think he gets that from his Daddy....and that is also what I heard ;) 
Saturday evening Heath and I went back up to the park to watch Hairball and have some adult fun.  Dylan stayed behind to take care of his Grandma and Grandpa Greenlee.  =)
Grandpa Howie told us this story when we arrived to pick Dylan up: 
Dylan was laying in bed with his grandma when he hollered out to the living room for grandpa.  "Grandpa better come here."  Grandpa entered the room. "What is that noise?" Dylan asked.  "Is it a monster?" Dylan questioned.   "No that's not a monster.  That's Grandma snoring." Grandpa replied back with a chuckle.     

Well Done Grandpa

Yesterday Grandma, Dylan and I went for a walk.  Dylan wanted to go to the little park because "I love this park"  And of course Uncle David's racecar is in the garage next to the tot lot; that is where Grandpa is quiet often.  After playing for a bit Dylan walked over to check out the racecar and must have wanted to see what grandpa had accomplished since his last visit because right away Dylan said "Well done Grandpa.  Well done."  It was so cute and of course it put a huge smile on Grandpa's face. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cruising On His Motorcycle =)

It's Easy- You Go Like This

When I got home from work Monday I noticed Dylan's computer was on the end table.  Him and grandpa must have been learning this afternoon =)   "I'm going to play with your computer."  I said.  "No!" Dylan exclaimed as he came running over to me.  " Well, I don't even know how to do it."  I said.  "It's easy.  (shrugging his shoulder) You go like this. " Dylan said while grabbing the mouse and clicking on an icon.   He began explaining to me how you do it.  And I thought this computer would be to advanced for Dylan. 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

There's A Puma In Our Kitchen

Dylan thinks we have a puma living in our kitchen. He is very careful when entering and always warns Mommy & Daddy to watch out for the puma. He has such a good imagination. I think this all came about because we were never able to see the puma at the zoo. It was either not in its cage or not visible. And we checked a couple different times.

4th of July Fun

Como Park 07/02/09

Wednesday, July 1, 2009