Thursday, January 29, 2009

He thinks he's the BOSS

Last night I told Dylan he was not the Boss. I said Daddy is the boss & Mommy is the boss, you are not the boss. A little while later he was doing something he was not supposed to be doing. I said do you know who the boss is. He said Da and pointed at Heath. I said yes Daddy is the boss. He said Mama and pointed at me. I said yes Mommy is the boss. Then he pointed at himself. I said oh you are the boss. And he shook his head yes and said uh huh! I guess he thinks we are all the Bosses...that explains ALOT! :-)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Suglarland Fan

So ever since Dylan was about 6 months old whenever the Suglarland video "Stay" would come on the TV he would stop whatever he was doing and just stare at the TV. I could do jumping jacks in front of him and his eyes would not move from the screen. I am not sure if it was Jenna's beauty(lead singer) or her voice. But he was in awe. Months later along came the song All I wanna do -oo-oo-oo-oo. Which Dylan loves to sing that song. He is hilarious when he sings that. It happened to come on the radio one summer 08' night on our way to Rose Creek and from the back seat Heath and I could hear oo-oo-oo-oo and he was wiggling away in his car seat. It was so cute. Anyways he has only heard that song played on radio or mommy's cell phone(I had to get it because he loves it) I'm a sucker. So one morning we were watching Sesame Street and I had my back to the TV and I heard Elmo come on the TV and Dylan started going oo-oo-oo-oo and started wiggling. I thought he was excited...I mean he does like Elmo(what kid doesn't) then I heard Elmo say Hello to Suglarland. I turned around and there on the screen was the two members of Suglarland. I couldn't believe it. How in the world did he know that was the people who sang his oo-oo-oo song when he had never seen them sing it and he hasn't watched the "Stay" video forever. I looked at him and said is that your girlfriend. He smiled and curled his head into his shoulder like yes...but I'm a little embarrassed mommy. It was so funny!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

King of the Remote

I go to the video store about once a week to keep our sanity, otherwise we watch the same videos over and over and over. Thomas the Tank, Baby Einstein, and his newest Land Before Time phase(he found interest in these videos after I rented one for him) So I am trying a variety of videos. He usually has one favorite and wants to watch that over and over which we do until I can coax him into trying a new one Mickey Mouse was a big hit, which in the mornings that show is on for him to watch while I get us going for the day along with Sesame Street, Clifford the Big Red Dog and my personal favorite, SuperWhy.

The last batch of videos I rented had Bambi in it. Dylan absolutely loves it. He laughs whenever they laugh. I would have to say I enjoy watching him watch this video because he is more animated while he watches this. He copies them more. It is really cute.
He always finds a different way to let us know what he wants to watch. This is usually a noise. For Thomas he does the choo choo noise along with the arm signal. We have about 20 Thomas videos so if Thomas is what he wants we have to show him the cover of each video until we get to the one he wants. And believe me he already knows what one he wants to watch. He even flips it over to look at the back cover to make sure it is the right one. The Land Before Time he Rarrr's, Mickey Mouse is Mouw. The Baby Einstein videos he usually makes the noise of the animal that is on the cover. Baby Genius-Favorite Nursery Rhythms videos he wiggles and sings E-I-E-I-O. Bambi is WooWoo(which is the owl in the video) Did I mention he has a very strong liking of owls. He gets his point across and he lets us know if we have it wrong. He is a Tot that knows what he wants. That is for sure. He is so funny because he will sit and watch the whole video, of course he does some playing while he is watching but I swear he is always pay attention to the video as well. He never misses a thing.

Sign Language

Dylan has always had a very large attention span...and loves to watch videos. We started him off around 3 months old with Baby Einstein Videos and he absolutely loved them...and still does. He has learned a variety of things from those videos. Some examples would be different animals, transportation(planes,trains, and automobiles) and the most impressive. Sign language. Bringing that up I have to tell you the story when I learned he knew sign language. He was probably around 1yrs old. One day I asked Dylan if he could say kitchen, while we were watching his video. He looked at me and did this thing with his hand. I looked up at the TV and a bowl was on the screen, then the woman on the screen made the exactly sign Dylan just did...which obviously was bowl. The next picture was a chair. Dylan proceeded to do the sign for chair, table, and refrigerator. I couldn't believe it. The funny thing is, is the sign for refrigerator Dylan has been doing to Heath and I all the time when we are going to get him juice or milk and we thought he was just really excited. You would have to know the sign to understand our reasoning. I guess he really showed me. HA-HA! From this day forward every time Dylan makes hand gestures at Heath or I, Heath is always asking me what that means. Which I don't have a clue. I did do a crash course(which means I watched all the signing videos) but I guess he is way smarter than me because I can't remember them :) I quiz Dylan with this all the time. I ask him how do you say road, or my neighborhood, or sidewalk. And he does them all for me. He gets so proud of himself. He amazes me everyday.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

He's an Eye Roller

Dylan rolls his eyes at me- I know where he learned it because I am a total eye roller myself. The funny thing is, is he does it at times when adult people would roll there eyes at someone. For instance if he is a little upset with mommy and still not over it and I try to talk baby talk to him or get him to play with me, he will look at me with that I don't think so mom look and roll his eyes. His look reads - Hello where you not here the last hour. I am mad at you, followed by the eye roll. After he roll his eyes I will say to him - "Did you just roll your eyes at me?" He will look at me again and roll his eyes. Like duh- yes I did. Oh boy is all I have to say.

Picky Eating Button Pusher

He knows how to push my buttons. I have been fighting with my picky little eater for quiet awhile now. Sunday the 4th of January I made some fish sticks. I loved them as a child and I thought Dylan would maybe like them or at least try them. See the thing is, if...if I can get him to open his mouth and try something knew, he usually likes it. Turns out he didn't want to try them. He wouldn't budge at all. And he even broke out the water works, which he never ever cries, so I gave up. Well Monday was my day off so come lunch time I thought I would ask Dylan what he would like. I usually ask him a variety of things and he will shake his head yes or no. Nope not today. The little Stinker was asked "What do you want for lunch? and before I could start naming things off. The little Turkey replied "Fish" I looked at him like you have got to be kidding me.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not ready to be a Brother

Dylan and I were playing today and I decided to ask him what he thought about Mommy having another baby and him being a big brother. So I asked him if he would like mommy to have a baby. He gave me a sheepish smile and shook his head no. I said "Don't you want to be a Brother to someone and Mommy have a baby in her tummy." He shook his head no again. I said "Are you Mommy's baby?" He smiled and shook his head yes. I said "Oh Stinker you will always be Mommy's Sweet Little Baby." He smiled again and hugged me. For some reason I think that little Stinker really understood what our conversation was about and really isn't ready to give up being the only baby in the family at this point. For 21 months he seems to understand way more than I thought a 21 month old would. I guess Mommy isn't probably ready to let her Baby not be the only baby yet either. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked, right?

Dylan is quiet the little singer

Dylan is quiet the little singer. He loves to listen to or watch his favorite Nursery Rhythms songs. I would say his favorite song is Old McDonald. He sings along to it whenever it is on and even when it is not on he will sing it when we ask him to. He is such a happy go lucky little stinker. He sings "E-I-E-I-O, MooMoo, DUCK, E-I-E-I-O, MooMoo Duck Duck." He wiggles and shimmies while he is singing. It is so adorable and he is so proud of himself when he is done.

New Years Eve 08'

Dylan got to bowl for the first time. He thought it was so fun. He really liked his bowling shoes. Which I have to admit he did look cute in those little shoes. He would stick his foot out and pull his pant leg up to show off his cool shoes. :) We would set the ball up on the ramp and when it was Dylan's turn he would run at the ball and push it down the ramp. He would squat down and watch the ball roll down the alley toward the pins. Then he would clap when the pins fell down. After bowling we went home and watch Dylan's newest Land Before Time Video. We all ended the night in Mommy and Daddy's bed watching Dicks Clarks New Years Eve party. We watched the ball drop, gave some smooches and soon after we were all sound asleep.

Game playing with Daddy

Well Dylan has started to call his Daddy - Heeeeth. Which is pretty funny because for the longest time Heath was MA....just like I was MA or mama! I know that Dylan knew Heath was Dada because he had said that before. Even before Ma came out. But he like to holler Ma at Heath and Heath would reply Daddy. Dylan would respond by pointing at Heath with a big loud MA! I realized this was a game and Dylan knew Heath was daddy just want to play. After Heaths accident which was the end of Sept Dylan offically stopped calling Heath Ma and just called him Dada or Da-dy. Now lately he has been calling him Heee-thh. He usually does this after I would holler for Heath. Now he thinks it is funny again. So when he sees his Daddy he says Heeeth sometimes instead of Da-dee. And yes so starts the game!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 08'

Dec 21~
Dylan had a very good Christmas. We celebrated my family side Christmas on Dec 21 at my Mom & Dads house. My brother David, his wife Stephanie, my Grandma Bentzin, Mom, Dad, Heath and Dylan. We started with a wonderful Ham dinner, that was delicious then proceeded to open presents. Of course Grandpa kept saying Dylan was ready to open presents...but we all know who was ready.....Grandpa. Dylan was so careful opening up his presents. He would rip a piece off, then hand it to me. Rip another piece off, hand it to me, or whomever was next to him. He opened the first presents but didn't quite understand why I set it aside when he didn't barely have time to look at it. But then started to understand when you put another present in front of him. Again very very careful. He really liked his Thomas Telephone that Grandma and Grandpa got him......and of course he was talking to Dee (Uncle David). Dylan is always talking to Dee when he is on any phone. Uncle David and Auntie Stephanie brought there present out. It was huge. Dylan looked excited and confused at the same time. There wasn't that much of a reaction when he opened just a box(which was a motorized Jeep) so he can roll like his Daddy. But when we took it out of the box, Dylan jumped right in the seat and was ready to ride. Still not put together all the way we just let him sit in it for awhile before we put it back in the box. He started to cry when Uncle Dee picked the box up to put it back in the bedroom so we just left it sit in the kitchen so Dylan could keep an eye on it ;)

Dec 24-Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve we celebrated with Heath's family. We got to Grandma and Grandpa G.'s house and they were not home from church yet. Dylan's present were unwrapped sitting under the Christmas tree and of course that is the first thing he noticed. A big oohhhhhh came from Dylan. I told him he had to wait for Grandma and Grandpa to get home. He would walk over to the tree and squat down next to his many presents and say ooh again..but like a good boy he wouldn't touch his presents. Just sit and admire them. Bear (their dog) would bark and Dylan would run to the door hoping they were home. Patiently waiting for about 15 minutes or so Grandma and Grandpa finally got him. Grandpa entered first. Dylan grabbed his finder and proceeded to bring him to the tree....grandpa said can I take my jacket off first. So Dylan let go of his finger and waiting patiently again for the jacket to come off. Finally grabbing a present...I said no no you have to wait for Grandma. Grandma entered the door and Dylan ran to get her. Grabbing her finger and pulling her to the tree...again stopping to wait while Grandma got her coat off. Finally Dylan got to touch and take all his presents out the their boxing. He was very good and very patient. We were very proud of him.

Dec 25 Christmas Morning
Christmas morning when Dylan woke up I went to his room to get him. I asked him if he thought Santa Claus came last night. He looked excited and shook his head yes. We went down stairs to check and Santa had been there. To Dylan's surprise there sat a Lego table&chair set with a Christmas stocking of goodies on top of it. Dylan ran over to it. He seemed very pleased. Of course there were more presents waiting to be opened; since Dylan is such a good boy Santa was very very good to him. But at that moment Dylan wasn't really interested in opening anything up just yet. He just wanted Daddy to stop video taping, and mommy to stop flashing picture and sit down with him and play with his new Lego table. So we spend the rest of the morning playing with all his toys and trying to explain that mommy and daddy are to big to sit on the chairs, faking it at some points. It was a wonderful Christmas morning and our apartment has officially turned into Dylan's Toy Shop!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa G. stopped over for a little while in the morning so Dylan could show off all his Santa presents and then our family had to get ready for another Christmas at my Aunt Gails for our family Christmas. Again Dylan proceeded to get some really nice presents...all of which he takes time to play with each and every present old and new. He finds time to do many different things during his busy play-filled days.